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Battery Life On My Lenovo x61



image Today was a stretch for me – well, not for me but the battery on my Lenovo x61 – I did need to stretch out after sitting in that really uncomfortable chair all day.  This is one of the first times that I have had my Tablet PC with me where I had to use it for a REALLY long time with no access to a plug.  I’ve been at meetings that last all day but a plug was close by, or places where I could plug in for a few during lunch or something, so a real test for me hasn’t really happened. Today all that changed – Seminar all day and only my x61 in the middle of the room.  I thought it might be interesting to see how things went on the 8 cell so I gave the clock a look when we started in the morning. 

8:34 AM is when the day started – Vista Ultimate running on Power Saver (no Lenovo utility installed) – Screen down almost all the way (2 ticks showing) – Fully charged 8 cell battery – I had Outlook running, OneNote open and Wireless on (BT turned off)

Lunch for 45 mins from 12-12:45.  Powered the unit back up and then shut the thing down a couple of hours later to change the battery at 3:21!  I was in shock!  The woman sitting next to me looked over when I pulled out the extra batter – "That thing lasted till right now??" with a look of amazement.  I said "Yep, I can’t believe it either"

So, today my battery lasted me for a total of 6 hours 02 minuets.  I had another 8 cell, so I might have been able to go almost 12 hours with the 2 of them together…  Not bad in my eyes, but it will be nice when se start to get that out of only 1 battery!!

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