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Battle of the Ultra-Portables



In the most recent GBM Podcast Sierra and I covered a range of topics. Two of those topics seem to be continually popping up in the news these days and worth pointing to.

First, there seems to be a real race going on in the ultra-portable space kicked off recently by the Asus EeePC. It seems that one day we’ll hear about an update to the Eee PC, and then we’ll hear similar news coming from the VIA based ultra-portables as well. This space sounds like it is really heating up. As an example, The Eee PC is coming out with larger screens soon. Now we hear from that the Everex Cloudbook, which is just about to debut with its 7 inch screen model is aiming for a summer release of a 9 inch model and adding more colors.

Secondly, Sierra remarked on the podcast about her thoughts on the HTC Advantage. Jenneth at Gear Diary has a very extensive, Day in the Life of post about how she uses the HTC Advantage.

With most of the attention on small portable devices centering on MIDs and the recent MacAir announcment, neither of which is in users hands right now, these very different devices seem to be having quite an impact at the moment, and my hunch is they will continue to for some time to come. Interesting times.

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