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Battlefield Hardline Beta Arrives



The Battlefield Hardline beta that gamers have been waiting for in anticipation for weeks has finally arrived. Visceral Games and Electronic Arts kicked off the Battlefield Hardline beta with new tips and more.

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 users can download the Battlefield Hardline beta beginning today. And Just as EA and Visceral promised, it’s an open beta that anyone and everyone can jump in and test the upcoming game’s different multiplayer modes. To be clear, downloading the Battlefield Hardline beta doesn’t require a purchase, but users do need an Origin Account. Those are available free on EA’s website to anyone who hasn’t yet played a game that requires one.

A breakdown on EA’s website includes support tips for users who run into trouble downloading or installing the Battlefield Hardline beta.

No matter how well you play, your Battlefield Hardline stats will not carry over to the full game.

No matter how well you play, your Battlefield Hardline stats will not carry over to the full game.

Visceral says that there’s no cap on the amount of progress players of the Battlefield Hardline beta can rack up. That’s great because it’ll give users a more complete look at the final multiplayer experience coming in March when the game arrives on store shelves. Players are encouraged to try each of the game’s different gadgets to take on their enemies whether they’re playing as a cop or a criminal. Visceral is also hoping to get feedback on the game’s different gadgets.

Reports indicate that Battlefield Hardline beta downloads on Microsoft’s Xbox One console are proceeding just fine. Our own download took roughly 30 minutes to finish. Owners of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 are reporting very acceptable download times too, something that’s not always guaranteed in a large video game beta like this.

Gamers planning on putting the Battlefield Hardline beta should be able to comfortably fit the download on their consoles hard drive. For the Xbox One and PS4, users are looking at 10GB to 11GB download directly to their hard drive. PS3 and Xbox 360 users can expect a 4GB download which should be a lot easier to fit on those console’s more modest hard drives. The Xbox One and PS4 both come equipped with 500GB of storage. The Xbox One allows users to download and install games to an external hard drive for users who need more space for the Battlefield Hardline beta.

The Battlefield Hardline beta includes four different maps in total. The first map, Heist is specific to the new Bank Job game type. Downtown and Dust Bowl are specific to Hotwire. Conquest is playable on the Dust Bowl map too. Conquest is all about big battles and the amount of players who can participate at one time reflects that. PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the Battlefield Hardline beta will let 64 different gamers participate at one time. Conquest will support 32 players at one time. All multiplayer modes on the Xbox PS3 and Xbox 360 support 24 players.

That’s a big reason to go ahead upgrade to Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game instead of investing in the last-generation versions.

Visceral and EA have confirmed that any progress earned during the Battlefield Hardline beta won’t transfer over to the final version of the game.

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Battlefield Hardline is expected to be this spring’s most high-profile release. Instead of giving users the classic war experience, Battlefield Hardline aims for a different take. In the multiplayer gamers take on the role as a cop or a criminal. The Battlefield Hardline campaign will use the same premise, but do so in a more episodic way. Some have described it as a gaming’s take on network television shows in the United States like Law & Order.

Battlefield Hardline launches on the Xbox One, PC, PS4 and PS3 on March 17th. When it arrives on store shelves a basic version will cost $60.

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