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Battlefield Hardline Tips to Level Up Faster



If you want to level up faster you need to use these Battlefield Hardline tips to play better than your competition, earn cash for upgrades and unlock new options in the latest Battlefield game.

You’ll need these Battlefield Hardline tips to quickly learn how to play each of the Battlefield Hardline modes and we’ll even help you with an expert opinion on how to improve your Battlefield Hardline K/D ratio and why it matters in an objective based game.

Update: Battlefield Hardline Double XP Event Announced

With these five Battlefield Hardline tips and tricks you can earn more cash, upgrade faster and gain an edge on your competition.

Here are the Battlefield Hardline tips and tricks you need to level up faster and be a better player.

Here are the Battlefield Hardline tips and tricks you need to level up faster and be a better player.

There’s no need for Battlefield Hardline cheats or hacks to unlock weapons and cash when you can use these legit tips and tricks from Battlefield Hardline experts to play better.

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As you play through the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer you can use these guides to unlock everything you need to become a better Battlefield Hardline player.

Battlefield Hardline Tips to Rank Up Fast

If you are already familiar with Battlefield games and know your way around Hardline you can use these Battlefield Hardline tips to level up faster. Westie walks through how you can earn cash fast in this six-minute video so you can quickly get to the top of the Battlefield Hardline player list.

The video above walks through the Battlefield Hardline tips to earn XP faster, earn more cash so that you can buy more guns. Westie walks through the various Battlefield Hardline boosts and how they work in Hardline, which lets you earn more for specific actions depending on your class and what mode you need. If you play in Hotline with an objective boost you can quickly grind points by driving or riding. Another option is to use Infantry with a boost that matches it.

Battlefield Hardline Tips for Beginners

Are you coming over to the Battlefield series from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare you’ll definitely want to check out these Battlefield Hardline tips for beginners. This video is designed to help you learn how to play Battlefield Hardline better including weapons, classes and sensitivity options.

Starting out in Team Death Match (TDM) in Battlefield Hardline is a good place to check out the weapons, learn the maps and earn cash to go for upgrades like angle grip and extended mags and the resuscitate gadget.

Battlefield Hardline Tips: Speed, Takedowns & Mini Map

If you need to move faster in Battlefield Hardline run with your pistol. You move faster than if you are holding your primary weapon. You can also quickly melee in Battlefield Hardline to take out an enemy quicker and if you can perform it right you can interrogate to see enemy positions on your map.

This video also shows you the Battlefield Hardline mini map tips and tricks that will help you figure out where enemies are, how to get better at capturing points on the map. Plus you’ll learn how to collapse the mansion on the Hollywood Heights map.

Essential Battlefield Hardline Tips

In this short video you’ll learn how to make your mini map bigger so you can see the enemy easier while you are in the game, so you can make better use of interrogation and more. You’ll also learn about weapons, smoke grenades and strategies for capture the flag, setting a spawn beacon and more.

There are also tips on what to explode to change the level through “levolution” – aka changing the maps for a new game experience.

Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Tips

There are five more Battlefield Hardline multiplayer tips in this video, but the three most important Battlefield Hardline tips are to play the objective, get a squad and pick the right class. If you don’t play the objective you won’t get cash as quick and you will certainly anger your team.

That’s what you need to know to be a better Battlefield Hardline player, let us know what your favorite Battlefield Hardline tips and tricks are.

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