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Be the First to Know When the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is Available



We got a chance to see the Sprint Galaxy Nexus briefly at CES when Sprint announced that it was in fact making it way to them soon.  Sprint’s version is supposed to become available during the first half of 2012, but they have not finalized the pricing or specific launch dates for the Galaxy Nexus yet. There are plenty of hearsay rumors out there.

Now there is a way for you to get on mailing list to be the 1st to know about the Sprint Galaxy Nexus availability. Google has a registration form online for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Just throw your email address and zip code in to the form on the landing page and you will get the goods straight from Google.

Register to receive more information about Galaxy Nexus, the first 4G LTE phone from Sprint. We may also send you other information about Nexus products, services, and features.

The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus aside from the Sprint logo, will have 32gb of storage but the rest of the details are up in the air. The rumor mill is putting a quicker processor and larger battery into it, but we’ll just have to wait and see. As Chuong indicated during CES 2012, Sprint was being very cautious when showing the phone.

Though Sprint had allowed us to see the Galaxy Nexus in person, the device was well-guarded and Now Network did not allow us to film or capture many images of the device as the hardware and software is still being finalized at this point.

The worst part of CES for me is the wait for the actual devices to launch. I can’t tell you how many devices I’ve seen in the Pocket PC and Smartphone world get announced at CES and never make it to market or make it really, really late. HP and Velocity Mobile come to mind!

Via: Google via Engadget

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ivan

    02/01/2012 at 5:50 pm

    Can’t wait to see that Sprint Galaxy Nexus. I have very good experience with Android phones.

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