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Beam Back Those Lost iTunes, But Only Once



Interesting. Wil Wheaton, yeah of Star Trek The Next Generation fame, reports a nifty bit of iTunes news on his blog. Apparently unknown to most of us in this galaxy, Apple will give you a one-time do over if you lose your iTunes collection. You read that right, if something happens and you lose your music/videos/movies and can’t recover them, you get to beam them back up, but for one time only. That one time only thing seems a bit strange, given that if through DRM and other methods, Apple knows what you’ve purchased and can restore it for you. But then if you think about it, if you lost your physical CD collection, no one at the local music store is going to offer to replace them.

In any case this is good news in case you have a disaster. Here’s the link to Wil Wheaton’s blog for more on the story.

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