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Behind the scenes at GBM



Most people do not know what goes on behind the scenes at GBM to produce the InkShows that we publish at least twice a week. We have a schedule that is typically a month out, and we do our best to produce two InkShows a week.

It is true that it takes a team to produce quality work, and GBM is no exception. We have a fabulous team in Matt Faulkner, Warner Crocker, Dennis Rice, and myself.  That said, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dennis Rice for his behind the scenes work at producing these InkShows.

After creating the raw footage for the Hardware and Software InkShows, we hand them off to Dennis for final producing. Many times that footage is uploaded to a temporary FTP site for Dennis to download from; other times, we FedEx the raw footage on portable harddrives if the files are too large to FTP. More times than not, the raw footage is handed off to Dennis less than a day before it is due to be published. And that is when Dennis gets to work. He cuts, adds intros, adds effects, produces, finds the right balance in file size and video quality, and then gets it ready for final production.  Needless to say, Dennis has burned a lot of hours figuring out the right combination to give the best quality.

So, while you might not be seeing a lot of public face time from Dennis, I wanted everyone to know that much of what you see on GBM is in large part due to Dennis and his behind the scenes work and dedication to quality.

Pretty soon, you’ll get to see a lot more of Dennis’ and Matt’s  “behind the scenes” work as well….

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