Behold! The (Original) HP Slate on The Big Bang Theory

If you didn’t catch The Big Bang Theory last night (and your DVR missed it because Chuck ran two hours), you missed out on seeing Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD use an HP TC1000 series Tablet PC to help the guys shoot a laser at the moon. But not to worry, we got you covered. Oh, and the moon is fine.

Steve S. passed the word on in the forums. I skipped the live show because I assumed it would be recorded on my media PC, but did not because I did not realize the Chuck finale was running two hours last night. Need to take a serious look at getting another TV tuner, but I digress…

Anyway, while CBS does not post entire episodes of The Big Bang Theory online, they do post clips and we are fortunate they included the one with the tablet. Can’t tell whether it’s the original TC1000 or the more popular TC1100, but you can clearly see it is in slate mode with the keyboard attached, and Sheldon (played brilliantly by Jim Parsons) is scribbling away with the pen. Slate and pen input on The Big Bang Theory? This could be the greatest two minutes of television a Tablet PC enthusiast could ever ask for. Enjoy. Big thanks to Steve!