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BeInSync – An Alternative to FolderShare



FolderShare is a favorite sync utility among many of our readers – it works, it’s free, and it’s free. Can’t beat that, right? Well, besides laying dormant for the past two years since being bought by Microsoft, FolderShare does have its limitations, like 10,000 files under a folder, etc. What about alternative solutions?

BeInSync During CES, I got to meet-up with one such alternative: BeInSync

One clear difference between BeInSync and FolderShare is price: BeInSync is not free. A Pro account costs $60 per year, which provides syncing, sharing, file access, and backup on up to 5gb of storage, using Amazon’s S3 storage infrastructure. 20gb and 50gb upgrade options are also available. Did you notice the backup feature? That’s right, not only can you sync between multiple computers, but you can also backup your files to BeInSync, and have access to those files even if all the syncing computers are turned off.

During our meeting, I asked the rep for some other examples in which BeInSync was superior to FolderShare. Here is what they said:

  • Only BeInSync offers an integrated online backup service, in addition to the sync, share and access capabilities. Users therefore don’t need to buy, install and manage yet another piece of software on their computers.
  • BeInSync’s synchronization engine is much more powerful and can handle situations where the FolderShare engine fails. We have found FolderShare in some scenarios to freeze and not be able to handle certain operations on your file system.
  • BeInSync is easier to use, with a more intuitive sharing and remote access Web interface. The sharing Web interface is flickr-like and very friendly (you have thumbnail view, slideshow view, etc.). On the client side, as well, you have a rich client which is more responsive and easy to understand.
  • Only BeInSync offers a centralized management console for businesses, allowing the management, provisioning and monitoring of multiple users.
  • BeInSync is not limited to 10,000 files. You can sync or share up to 15 root folders, but under these folders there is no limitation on how many files you can have.
  • Other small points include: BeInSync’s firewall traversal is more effective, BeInSync is integrated into the Window Explorer (right-click menu), etc.

Two options really stand-out to me: the backup service and not being limited to 10,000 files. I also like the Business option providing shared folders, centralized management, and more. BeInSync has provided me with an evaluation pro account, so I’m going to give their service a try, and will report back in the coming weeks on my findings. Meanwhile, check them out and let us know what you think. They have a free trial available.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alejandro Fragoso

    11/13/2008 at 7:05 pm

    One big problem with Beinsync, Vista and Excel 2007. When u try to save an excel file that was opened on a beinsync shared folder, you get an access violation error. It is a known issue since april 2008, and I can´t see a solution any time soon. I was a very pleased user for around 3 years, but saddly now I´m looking for another application.

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