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Benchmark Reveals Leaked Pantech Breakout Successor for Verizon



It looks like Verizon Wireless may be adding another 4G LTE smartphone from manufacturer Pantech in the future. A leaked benchmark using the Nenamark benchmarking too shows that a device with the model number ADR910L was tested for Verizon’s network with a Qualcomm processor and Adreno 225 graphics; the graphics indicate that the device, made by Pantech, would be utilizing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, which is the similar chipset on the AT&T HTC One X.

However, according to Droid-life, the Pantech-made device seems to be only a mid-range smartphone offering as that phone comes with a rather paltry WVGA display resolution with 480 X 800 pixels.

The model that’s being benchmarked may be a successor to Verizon’s current Pantech Breakout, which is an affordable mid-range 4G LTE smartphone when it was released. The Breakout had a model number of ADR8995.

Likely, the ADR910L will be a 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon’s network. The carrier had made bold statements that all smartphone releases hereon out will come 4G LTE on-board and that 3G-only phones will not be released in the future. While 4G LTE devices had carried a premium when they were first released in early 2011, prices are starting to drop for LTE phones on Verizon and on AT&T’s network, leading to more affordable devices. Additionally, with bandwidth being constrained, 4G LTE is also able to handle data and voice traffic more efficiently than 3G protocols.

The ADR910L will launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as well as evident from the benchmarking results.

So far, neither Verizon nor Pantech has made any announcements.

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