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Bernie Madoff’s Pants Turned Into Expensive iPad Covers



If you want a piece of Bernie Madoff, the jailed investment magician who stole millions from investors, you can’t get your hands on Bernie, but you can get a piece of his clothing – a pair of pants to be exact.

A NY company purchased Bernie Madoff’s clothing at the U.S. Marshall auction of Madoff’s possessions back in 2010 and has turned them into expensive iPad cases.

Frederick James, is known for using “rescued fabrics” instead of using new materials, so it was a natural fit to pick up a box of Bernie Madoff worn pants and turn them into pricey iPad cases.

The limited edition run of iPad covers are made from pants believed to be worn by Madoff, perhaps while ripping off your next door neighbor.

Bernie Madoff iPad covers start at $250, and include an array of colors.

Bernie Madoff Pants iPad Cover

Bernie Madoff Pants iPad Cover

You can get reclaimed fabric from,

  • Banana Republic Gavin Khaki
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Khaki
  • Mason’s Off White Khaki
  • J. Crew Khaki

J. Crew Khaki Madoff iPad Cover Description:

This cover is made from an off-white pair of 100% cotton J. Crew pants, size 34 x 30. They are lined in yellow double-knit wool.

Only 4 iPad covers were produced from this pair of pants. Each cover is unique. Two of the covers have original pockets from the pants, one with the J. Crew logo.

Each of these covers is unique, made from the fabric of Madoff’s pants, which are cut up here in the U.S.  and stitched together to form a loose fitting iPad cover.

Keep in mind these covers are designed as a fashion accessory, not as a means of protection from drops and hard bumps.

What do you think? Would you pay $250 to $350 for an iPad case made from Madoff’s pants? I don’t see these selling too well, but I could see a huge market for iPad covers made from jerseys of famous athletes.

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