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5 Best Android Phones [April, 2015]



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We dig the Droid Turbo but it's limited to Verizon. We also like the Moto X 2014 from Motorola but its camera makes it a hard sell at this point. Ultimately, we decided to go with the LG G3, a device that's going to be replaced in the next few weeks by the LG G4 and one that remains one of our favorite Android phones. 

The LG G4 launch is set for this month which means that an LG G4 release in the United States should come sometime in the next few weeks. At that point, the LG G3 will take a backseat. It will probably take a price cut as well.

Until the LG G4 arrives, the LG G3 will remain a top Android phone and one of the best that you can buy right now. From its large Quad HD display to its speedy processor to its camera and battery life, this is one of the best Android smartphones currently on shelves. That's saying a lot when you consider that its been out for nearly a year.

The LG G3 is absolutely fantastic and maybe best of all, it's extremely cheap. Rule the LG G3 out before picking up a new Android phone in April. You won't regret it

5 / 5
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