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Best Apple TV Black Friday Deals



If you’re in the market for an Apple TV, look no further, as these are the best Apple TV Black Friday deals you’ll find.

While Apple will have its own discounts on the Apple TV come Black Friday at Apple Stores, you don’t actually need to shop there in order to take advantage of discounted iPods, but while Apple usually doesn’t really offer the best discounts to begin with compared to third-party retail stores, the Apple Store might be the best place to buy an Apple TV this year during Black Friday.

Furthermore, while most of the bigger sales require you to wait in line out in the freezing cold and fight the crowds, pretty much all of the Apple TV deals this year can be found online as well, allowing you to stay home in your warm pajamas and drink a cup of hot coffee while you save money.

The Apple TV is going on two years without a refresh, possibly hinting that Apple is close to giving up on the streaming set-top box, but the bigger questions perhaps is whether or not the Apple TV is still worth buying.

With so many new streaming boxes released over the last couple of years since the launch of the third-generation Apple TV, many users question if the Apple TV is still as useful when it first released back in 2012. Since that time, we’ve been introduced to a ton of new streaming options, including newer Roku hardware, the Chromecast, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, the new Nexus Player, and more.

Apple TV Black Friday

Many of the features of the Apple TV can easily be found on other streaming boxes, especially if you just need access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, or most other streaming apps, as pretty much all streaming boxes come with the major streaming services included.

However, the Apple TV still has its many unique features that users find extremely useful, and only the Apple TV can provide them.

If you’re looking to get an Apple TV for a gift for that special someone on Christmas, Black Friday will be the best time to buy without a doubt, but you also might have some luck further into December with scattered deals. However, Black Friday guarantees to have some great Apple TV deals for shoppers.

Best Apple TV Black Friday Deals for 2014

The helpful table below lists off all of the Apple TV Black Friday deals that we could find. Unsurprisingly, there aren’t a lot (certainly not as many as the iPad), but nonetheless, you’ll see some sweet discounts on Apple’s streaming box on Black Friday.

All of these Apple TV deals are for the latest 3rd-generation model, which comes in a very small form factor in a sleek black casing with HDMI abilities that can play full 1080p HD video.

It’s also important to note that some of these Apple TV Black Friday deals don’t come with a straight-up discount, but instead include free store gift cards that you can use on other stuff in the store, so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re looking at these deals.

Best Buy$89 w/ $10 Gift Card$20
Apple$99 w/ $25 iTunes Gift Card$25
HH Gregg$79$20
Costco$99 w/ $15 iTunes Gift Card$15

The best savings you’ll find for an Apple TV this Black Friday is $25, which can be had at the Apple Store, thanks to the free $25 iTunes gift card offer.

The worst deal from this list comes from  Target, where shoppers will only receive a $10 discount, which is even more expensive than what you can get a refurbished Apple TV for year-round directly from Apple.

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