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Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Trickle In, Check Your Email



Best Buy is finally delivering iPhone 5 pre-orders to many of the users who handed over $50 a week before the iPhone 5 launch.

The iPhone 5 pre-order process at Best Buy was less than stellar, with pre-orders pushed back up to 28 days, and the notification wasn’t much better.

Despite assurances from Best Buy Mobile staff that they would, “call as soon as the iPhone 5 arrived.”, I’ve yet to receive a call. Luckily I found an email buried among a hundred PR pitches telling me that my iPhone 5 is ready for pick up.

Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order

Best buy iPhone 5 pre-orders are arriving.

I already purchased an iPhone 5 direct from Verizon for $50 less than Best Buy charges for an off contract iPhone 5, but I was waiting to see how long it would take for Best Buy to call. As it turns out, Best Buy isn’t making phone calls anymore, just sending email notifications.

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iPhone 5 pre-orders start to arrive at Best Buy, two weeks after launch.

Users waiting around for an iPhone 5 pre-order from Best Buy should check their email for a notification from [email protected], and be sure to head in as soon as it arrives as there is a two-day pickup window.

Users that are still waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive should check out Radio Shack, a local carrier store or Apple.

On several trips to Radio Shack over the past week, my local store was stocked with several iPhone 5 models. Next time I need to pre-order for release day pickup, I’m heading to Radio Shack.

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Verizon, Sprint and AT&T locations are receiving shipments of the iPhone 5, and while stock is low, it is possible to walk in to some locations and walk out with an iPhone 5.

Apple also offers iPhone 5 reservations for users that want to walk in to the closest Apple Store to pick up an iPhone 5. After 10PM local time users can reserve an iPhone 5 for next day pickup. The stock is also limited, but it’s better than running around to local stores to check.

The wait for an iPhone 5 online is no better, with deliveries in November from Apple, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

Users that find an iPhone 5 somewhere other than Best Buy can take use their iPhone 5 reservation gift card for a nice iPhone 5 case.

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