Best Buy Planning to Sell iPad 2 and iPad 3 in March
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Best Buy Planning to Sell iPad 2 and iPad 3 in March



Apple is busy preparing for the iPad 3, or iPad HD, event on Wednesday March 7th, where the company will finally share details about the new iPad, and possibly the new Apple TV.

Many of us are already trading in our iPad 2 models to prepare for the iPad 3, but Best Buy isn’t closing out it’s stock of the iPad 2 like we thought they were.

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Last week Best Buy started selling the iPad 2 for $50 less than the official retail price, but it looks like that is more than a closeout sale.

According to, some Best Buy locations are stocking up on the iPad 2, likely to prepare for a cheaper iPad 2 that will be sold along with the iPad 3 or iPad HD.

iPad 2 Price Drop MarchLast year Apple reduced the price of the iPad 1 to $399, and sold it for a limited time alongside the iPad 2, but this year we might see a more concentrated effort to price the iPad 2 as a cost conscious tablet that can compete with the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.

The source reports that Best Buy Canada is no longer restocking the 3G models of the iPad 2, but has  “thousands ordered” to sell after the iPad 3 release date.

Unlike the iPad 2, the Apple TV is no longer available to buy at Best Buy. Apple has cut off shipments, leading us to believe that Apple is also going to announce a new Apple TV on March 7th.

Apple TV not available

Apple currently sells a few models of the original iPad on the Apple website, but the company doesn’t ship iPad 1 models to retailers.

If Apple plans to sell the iPad 2 alongside the iPad 3 in retail locations we might see a price as low as $299, with an 8GB iPad 2 WiFi model. This price would tempt potential Kindle Fire an Nook Tablet users.

It’s not clear what price points we would see for the larger capacity iPad models which Best Buy is reportedly stocking up on in Canada. We expect that Apple will keep the iPad 3 price at $499.

The iPad 3 will reportedly work with the Smart Cover, has a home button and is slightly thicker than the iPad 2. Check out this iPad 3 hands on video which shows a partially assembled iPad.



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    03/05/2012 at 9:18 pm

    There is all this talk of Apple releasing a cheaper iPad, but i share your view that the iPad 2 will be that cheaper tablet. 

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