Best Buy Plans New iPad Release Day Sales for March 16th
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Best Buy Plans New iPad Release Day Sales for March 16th



Now that the new iPad is sold out for March 16th delivery, you may want to go to your local store to make sure that you aren’t waiting until April or May for your new iPad.

I bought my iPad at Best Buy last year and have a couple of friends who plan to do the same this year. So I contacted the Hickory, NC Best Buy store and found out that they will handle iPad sales at Best Buy on day one the same way they did last year with the only possible difference being timing.

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If you don’t live close to an Apple store, Best Buy will be a good place to line up. In smaller towns like mine, people don’t line up as early as in larger cities. My friends plan to get in line this Friday at Best Buy around 2 PM, so long as the timing matches last year’s.

To be sure you get what you want at your local Best Buy doing the following:

  • If you’re free, stop by the store early that morning to check the line.
  • If they follow the same timing from last year, stop in around lunch time to see if your store will hand them out the same way.
  • Arrive a couple of hours before they plan to give out tickets.
  • Get your ticket and go directly to the inside line.
  • Don’t put up with them giving you anything other than what you they promised you.

Our local Best Buy folks told me that they don’t know if Apple will require them to wait till the afternoon again, as they did last year. If they receive their shipment the night before and Apple lets them, they will hand out the tickets before the store opens that morning or during the day once they know how many of each model they received.

Last year I arrived at my local store knowing that I could not pick up an iPad before 5 PM. My friend and I arrived around noon, asked if we could get one early and Best Buy rebuffed our request as expected. We got some lunch and came back around 2 PM. There wasn’t a single person in line. We looked around and watched them set up the iPad 2 display. When we saw a woman get in a line outside the store, we got in line. She asked if she could save a spot for her husband who wanted one and feeling generous we said yes so long as they had enough of the kinds of iPads we planned to buy. We were third and fourth in line.

ipad at best buy following last year's day one sales model

Get your iPad at Best Buy if you live too far from Apple Stores

At about 4 PM the general manager and assistant managers came out and began to hand out tickets. They asked us which kind of iPad we wanted and gave us a corresponding ticket.

When the doors opened at 5 PM a new line formed at the customer service desk next to the Geek Squad. I had my iPad by 6 PM.

It was a great experience for almost everyone, except one person. The man in line ahead who had is spot saved asked for his iPad, but he didn’t get into the second line near the Geek Squad right away figuring he had his chosen iPad reserved. Not knowing that this man’s iPad still needed held, Best Buy sold it to someone further back in line who had changed his mind about the model he wanted. If you get a ticket, go get your iPad immediately.

Once we find out when Best Buy plans to give out tickets, I’ll let you know. Check back here later this week.



  1. haomeng64

    03/12/2012 at 6:04 pm

  2. Vdrums1

    03/13/2012 at 12:12 pm

    Any update on the sale time?

  3. Guest

    03/14/2012 at 8:07 pm

    I was told the new ipad will be sold as soon as the store opens

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