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Best Buy posts Motorola Xoom pre-order page with crazy high price



The ever moving target that is the price and release date of the Motorola Xoom tablet running Android 3.0 is on the move again. Is it $799 or $899? Is it the 17th or 24th? Or is it, as claimed on the Best Buy website, available for pre-order on the 17th for… $1199.99?!?

No joke, the latest fuel for this fire comes from the Xoom’s retail outlet. Whether it’s accurate is under debate, but it is definitely official, posted in the “iPad and tablets” area of the Best Buy online store, at least until they change it. The offer is limited to in-store only, so to lock in this price, you have to print out the page and bring it with you to the store. Not that I expect anyone to lock in this price.

While we hope that price is not accurate, the opposite is true for the pre-order date. Previous reports jumped between the 17th and 24th, so it seems safe to assume pre-orders start on the 17th while the device will actually reach users a week later. But who knows? The whole thing might be erroneous. Right or wrong, this is turning into one rocky product launch.

Via Liliputing and Android Community

Update: the pre-order page was taken down, but it still shows up in search results with the same price.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. GoodThings2Life

    02/13/2011 at 10:29 pm

    Wow. That’s… awful. Then again, I haven’t considered Best Buy to be a “best” of anything for years now.

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