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Best Buy to bring tablets home for the holidays



Forbes reports that Best Buy is serious about tablets for this holiday season, and not just that one but as many as a number less than 32.

“Going into the holidays, we will make tablets a focus,” said Shawn Score, the president of Best Buy’s wireless retail unit, Best Buy Mobile, in an interview. “Like e-readers over the last couple years, we think customers will think of Best Buy for tablets and expect us to have the right ones.”

Emphasis there on “right ones.” Score insists they’ll have options for Android users, BlackBerry users, and every other flavor under the sun, not just that Apple-flavored one, although he specifies it won’t be 32. This seems to support several tablet rumors out there, including RIM’s “BlackPad,” a Google Chrome tablet from Verizon (sold through BB Mobile), and Best Buy’s own Rocketfish-branded tablet. Add to that the expected flood of tablets from Asus and other manufacturers and the predictions that 2010 will be “The Year of the Tablet” may yet prove true at the last possible minute.



  1. JohnCz

    08/22/2010 at 11:04 am

    I think most consumers would be happy with a wifi only, no contract tablet/slate. Just a guess, but sales will disappoint many mobile retailers.

    • stan

      08/22/2010 at 1:36 pm

      I think 3G is a must or they will just gather dust on coffee tables.

      Not everyone is like me but I bought the x70 because of the general specs and the unlocked modem made it the best choice to this day!

      (3G) x70 + win7 = bliss!

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