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Best Cheap Android Smartphones [December, 2014]



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Then of course last years popular phones like the LG G2 or Galaxy S4 can be found for super cheap, but they aren't outright cheap phones, so technically shouldn't make this list. That said, the LG G2 is $0.01 on Amazon, and only $29 from Verizon with a new 2-year contract. This makes it one of the best phones if you're signing a contract, but if you shop around you can find similar deals on the new G3 or Galaxy S5 if you're lucky.

The LG G2 is still one of the best 5-inch smartphones around, and is perfect for those wanting to spend under $50 but don't want a lower end device. Sign a contract, and enjoy it for years to come.

Buy the LG G2

8 / 8
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