Best Days to find a PS4 in Stock at Best Buy are Today and Sunday
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Best Days to find a PS4 in Stock at Best Buy are Today and Sunday



If you are still looking for a PS4 in stock at a local store, Best Buy may be the best place to check today and on Sunday.

Best Buy only holds the PS4 pre-orders for five or eight days depending how the shopper ordered the PlayStation 4 and the first set of orders should be released to regular customers who are trying to find a PS4 in stock at a local store today. The next round of possible PS4 stock will release on Sunday November 24th.

The PS4 release date was six days ago and Best Buy only holds in store pre-orders for five days. That means if any of the individuals that pre-ordered a PS4 in store at your local Best Buy did not pick one up, it should now be available to buy for anyone who walks in.

The online orders are held for eight days, which is Saturday November 23rd. Come Sunday morning any of these pre-orders will be cancelled and the PS4 will go on sale to the regular customers walking in to Best Buy.

Check Best Buy today and Sunday to find a PS4 in stock quicker.

Check Best Buy today and Sunday to find a PS4 in stock quicker.

If you are a gamer with a broken PS4 as part of the blinking blue light problem, this might be a good time to check with Best Buy for a replacement.

The retailer outlines these policies in the frequently asked questions about the PS4 and Xbox One release events. The official policy is listed below.

  • Store Pick Up: Once the product is indicated as available for pick up, we’ll hold your items at the store for 8 days. If you don’t pick up your items by then, we’ll cancel the order and refund your method of payment.
  • In-Store Pre-Orders: These orders will be held for 5 days. If they are not picked up within that timeframe, the products will be available to be sold to other customers.

No one wants someone to lose a pre-order, but there’s no reason for a PS4 to sit in the stock room of Best Buy for months due to a shopper canceling a pre-order or changing his or her mind about the system.

Instead of paying $100 to $200 over the standard price of a PS4 by shopping on eBay, it’s worth stopping in to Best Buy today and or Sunday to see if they have any new PS4 units in stock thanks to missed pre-orders.

Shoppers can also use a tool to search for a PS4 in stock at a local retailer, but this is a nice trick that some of these inventory systems may not register correctly.



  1. Liam

    11/22/2013 at 9:31 am

    Ps4 bundle in stock for day release at 5% off for new customers on first order when you use referral code : ZV3875492 on make account screen.

  2. josh

    11/25/2013 at 9:59 am

    i used this tidbit of info and sure enough it paid off. i got one sunday, nov. 24th at my local gmaestop due to pre-ordered units not picked up!

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