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Best DIY iPhone Docks



If you’re in the market for an iPhone dock, but want to get a little creative with it, here are some of the best DIY iPhone docks that you can make yourself.

There are a lot of different iPhone docks that you can buy, but sometimes nothing really quite fits your style or needs, which is why going the DIY route can be the best option.

Furthermore, iPhone docks can be expensive, so even if you find one that you really like, the price tag may not be in the range that you’re willing to pay. For instance, Apple’s own Lightning dock for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is $40, which isn’t necessarily a lot of money, but for something as simple as a dock, you could probably make one yourself for way less.

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Plus, with a DIY iPhone dock, you can add the features that you want and not include features that you don’t want, essentially making a dock that’s made specifically for you with your own style in mind.

Be aware that making a DIY iPhone dock can be as easy or as complicated as you want, and this roundup will include a little of both. There are docks that take a bit of work to make and involve just a hint of craftsmanship, while other iPhone docks simply require only a couple of small household items that slap right together to create a working dock.

Without further ado, here are some of the best DIY iPhone docks that you can make yourself.

Sticky Wood Dock

Sticky Wood Dock

Even if you're not that great with tools, this simple iPhone wood dock can be a great addition to your desk.

It essentially just uses two pieces of wood that can be glued or screwed together, and then you glue on a non-slip pad that your iPhone can stick to. The video tutorial that's linked uses PuGoo pads, but those are a bit difficult to find, as it's a recent Kickstarter project. Instead you could get away with using a dashboard sticky pad by cutting it down to size.

It's probably the simplest woodworking project there is and it's also a great way to become familiar with woodworking if you aren't already.

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