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Best Fallout 4 Weapons & How to Find Them



If you’re looking to snag the best Fallout 4 weapons, you’ll need to do more than kill legendary enemies.

Fallout 4, like Fallout 3, features tons of weapons. Pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, knives, wrenches, missile launchers, you name it. Before long, your inventory and work stations will be filled with tons of weapons.

When you start out, your most powerful weapons will likely be those that you modify at the weapons bench. And if you’re lucky, you might snag a weapon from a fallen legendary enemy. The game starts you out with a 10mm pistol and not much else.

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As you progress deeper into the game, you’ll encounter weapons that are more powerful than your modded guns and the guns dropped by legendary enemies.

Bethesda’s populated the game with weapons that come with impressive bonuses. These unique Fallout 4 weapons can, in some cases, be very difficult to obtain.

There are currently 45 unique weapons in the game. Some of these weapons are guns, others are melee weapons. There are also unique grenades.

Best Fallout 4 Weapons

If you were to ask four Fallout 4 players about their favorite weapons, you’d probably get four different answers. These are our favorite weapons and the ones that we think will benefit you the most.

Beware, there are spoilers ahead. As you might expect from a guide that details the best weapons in a video game.

Melee Weapons


Furious Power Fist

If you travel to the Boston Common, and you will if you set out to find Nick Valentine, you’ll encounter Swan’s Pond.

Lurking in the pond is Edger Swann, or, what’s left of him. Once you defeat the super mutant formerly known as Edger Swann, you’ll receive the Furious Power Fist, one of the best melee weapons in the game.

The Furious Power Fist’s unique bonus is that it does increased damage after every consecutive hit on the same enemy. You can also attach mods that grant it improved damage and energy damage making it a lethal melee weapon.

We were able to get this weapon around level 16 and it hasn’t left our side since.

Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe is very close to the Boston Common. Hubris Comics is just a stone throw’s away and it’s the location of Grognak’s Axe, one of the best Fallout 4 melee weapons in the game. It’s in a locked display case that will take Advanced lock picking to open up.

We love the axe because hits cause enemies to stagger and because it deals out bleed damage. Stagger will help when you’re dealing with a crowd of enemies and bleed damage allows you to take a hit and run approach on dangerous enemies.

It also helps that Grognak’s Axe deals out a ton of regular damage. Find this melee weapon early on and you’ll be in business.

Pickman’s Blade

Pickman’s Blade is a quest reward that’s found in Pickman’s Gallery after completing the Pickman’s Gift quest. You’ll need to save Pickman to get it. The actual blade is located inside of a wall safe behind Pickman’s painting.

We like Pickman’s Blade for a few reasons. One, anyone you stab will take 25 points of bleed damage. It also comes equipped with a Stealth Blade upgrade. So if you attach a target while in sneak, you’re going to do additional bleed damage and regular damage.

Rockville Slugger

By the time we made it to Diamond City, we’d already saved up thousands of caps to spend on gear. And fortunately for us, Diamond City is home to one of the best early melee weapons in the game: The Rockville Slugger.

It does additional damage thanks to the spikes and it also costs you 40% less Action Points to use in V.A.T.S. That’s big early in the game when you might not have a ton of AP points.

To acquire the Rockville Slugger, you’ll need to shell out some caps to Moe Cronin in the Diamond City market. He’s the guy who’s dressed in a baseball uniform. Go figure.


Alien Blaster Pistol

What’s a Fallout game without an Alien weapon?

To obtain the powerful Alien Blaster Pistol, you’ll need to trigger the UFO event. It typically happens near Oberland Station or Vault 81. When it happens, you’ll hear a large bang.

The Alien Blaster Pistol dishes out tons of damage and you can find it pretty early on. And if you don’t want to use up the unique ammo, just switch it over to fusion cells. If you do that, you’ll increase the ammo capacity.


The Deliverer uses 10mm pistol ammo but it’s far more powerful than the gun you’re given at the start of the game.

This weapon is light, comes with a pre-attached silencer, features solid damage output, and something called V.A.T.S. Enhanced.

V.A.T.S. Enhanced gives it a better chance to hit when using V.A.T.S. It also grants it 25% lower action point cost which is phenomenal for those that spend a ton of time in V.A.T.S. We definitely do.

Oh, and did we mention that you can put upgrades on it to make it even more powerful? Yeah, you can do that too.

You will get this gun as a quest reward after completing Tradecraft, a quest that falls under the Railroad line of quests.

Kellogg’s Pistol

This is another weapon that you can acquire early in the game. We got it very early on and it’s still at our side.

Kellogg’s Pistol is a six shot magnum that kills with ease. It also comes with an effect that restores Action Points when it critically hits enemies for damage.

To snag this pistol, you’ll want to continue down the main quest line. After you complete Reunions, you’ll be able to snag it off, guess who, Kellogg’s body.


Overseer’s Guardian

The Overseer’s Guardian is unique in that it’s a combat rifle that shoots two projectiles at the cost of one. And like the regular combat rifle, it can be modified to your heart’s content.

It’s on sale in Vault 81, find Alexis Combes, and you can acquire it early on in the game. It was one of the first unique weapons we found.

Railway Rifle

If you played Fallout 3, you’re familiar with the Railway Rifle already. Fallout 4’s version is upgraded from the original though.

The rifle shoots rail spikes at enemies. These aren’t easy to find (they’re cheap to buy when you find them) but you can reuse them. Simply pick them up off an enemy and move along.

The gun deals out massive amounts of damage and in our experience, you can pin enemy limbs to certain surfaces for added effect.

There are a few places to find the Railway Gun. We found ours in Bedford Station but it looks like you can find it in Big John’s salvage, as a quest reward for Underground Undercover, or on a character named Desdemona during a quest called Tactical Thinking.

Tinker Tom Special

If you love to snipe, you’re going to love the Tinker Tom Special.

If you aren’t in combat, and you won’t be if you’re sniping from a far distance, you’ll be more accurate when using V.A.T.S. Your shots will drain more XP but you’ll be able live with that.

To snag this gun, buy it from Tinker Tom at the Railroad Headquarters.

Laser Guns

Old Faithful

The Old Faithful is another favorite of ours and it’s going to be extremely strong for those of you still in the early parts of the game.

Old Faithful, a laser pistol, will do double damage if you’re at full health. So, it’s an incredible weapon if you’re able to perform a sneak attack. Yes, you can do quadruple damage.

If you want to, you can also expand it to be a laser rifle. You’ll find Old Faithful in the Diamond City Market. It’s sold by Arturo.

Prototype PA77

The Prototype PA77 is a laser rifle that comes with unlimited ammo capacity. You also aren’t required to reload it until you run out of ammo.

Over time, you’ll acquire a ton of fusion cells so you’ll be able to fire it at will and mow down enemies in your path.

The gun is a bit tricky to find. You’ll need to find and travel to University Point. Once you’re there, enter the University Credit Union. Inside there is a bank vault with a terminal. Hack it.

Once you’re inside, there is a master safe. Pick it and hit the red button. Check the room for the gun. It should be on a table.

Righteous Authority

This laser rifle is one of the most powerful variants in the game. If the Righteous Authority gets a critical hit, it will do double damage and the critical meter will fill up 15% faster.

This is the personal weapon of Paladin Danse, a potential companion and a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. The gun can be acquired by completing the quest Call to Arms.

Survivor’s Special

The Survivor’s Special gets its name from its unique trait.

This laser pistol deals more damage the lower your health making it great for near-death encounters. Its come in handy a few times when we’ve been near death and short on stimpacks.

You can earn the gun as a reward from The Lost Patrol quest. We didn’t obtain it this way but it looks like you can also steal it from Paladin Brandis before the quest ends.

Wazer Wifle

Another laser rifle variant.

The Wazer Wifle is another rifle that doesn’t come with an ammo capacity. You also never need to reload it. It’s a solid primary or secondary weapon. It comes stock with several weapon mods including an overcharged capacitor.

You can acquire this gun by doing unmarked quests for your son after you complete the Main Quest and the Faction quests.

In other words, it’s going to take you awhile to obtain it.

Plasma Guns

Experiment 18-A

The Experiment 18-A is a plasma rifle and we love it for its two perks. One, it has a 25% faster fire rate. And two, it has a 15% faster reload. Both have come in handy in tight spots when we’ve needed to pump out a ton of damage.

You can buy this weapon off a Synth vendor at The Institute. You’ll need to pay several thousands caps for it though.

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster

Similar to Old Faithful, the Sentinel’s Plasmacaster deals double damage when you’re at full health making it an excellent weapon to use when sneaking.

The gun is sold by Teagen on the The Prydwen, a Brotherhood of Steel airship that soars over the Commonwealth.

Submachine Guns


There’s one unique submachine gun and it’s one of the best Fallout 4 weapons in the game. Best of all, if you have enough caps, you can buy it pretty early on in the game.

The gun comes with a legendary mod that dishes out 15 points of A.O.E (Area of Effect) explosive damage when its ammo impacts a target. This makes it the perfect weapon for clusters of enemies. Think Bloatfly or Mole Rat or raider.

It’s sold by a wandering merchant named Cricket who is often outside the main gate at Diamond City. That’s where we bought it.

Heavy Weapons

Big Boy (Fat Man)

The Big Boy is a unique version of the Fat Man, the launcher that shoots Mini Nukes.

The Big Boy is unique in that it shoots two mini nukes at the cost of one making it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It’s perfect for taking out groups of strong enemies or a boss.

You can also attach the Experimental MIRV mod which allows you to shoot 12 nukes, yes 12 nukes, at the cost of one. We haven’t done this yet.

If you want the Big Boy you’ll have to shell out more than 10,000 caps to the vendor Arturo in Diamond City Market.

Junk Jet

The Junk Jet is probably the most interesting Fallout 4 weapon because it allows you to shoot any junk in your possession at enemies.

So if you want to shoot a wrench, a bucket, Jangles the Space Monkey, money, lighters, cigars, or whatever else you find at enemies, you can do that with the Junk Jet. And because there is so much junk in Fallout’s world, you’ll never run out of ammo.

If you run into Manta Man in a random encounter, he will drop the weapon. You can also obtain it by visiting ArcJet Systems. It’s on a tablet in the rocket control room. You’ll find it during the quest Call to Arms.

Partystarter (Missile Launcher)

You will encounter lots of humans in Fallout 4. Many of these humans are hostile. And that’s why the Partystarter will come in handy. It deals 50% more damage to humans.

If you want to use the Partystarter, head to Goodneighbor to the east of Diamond City. It’s sold by someone called KL-E-0.


Homing Beacon

Once you complete the quest Here There Be Monsters, you’ll gain access to three beacons that can be used to call in air strikes from a submarine.

After you throw a beacon, there will be a short delay before a nuke comes crashing down out of the sky. It’s glorious and it does massive amounts of damage.

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Fallout Nuka Cola

Fallout Nuka Cola

A few weeks ago, Jones Soda teased the return of its elusive berry-flavored limited edition Fallout Nuka Cola. The company said that it wouldn't release any specific details until it was allowed to.

We had a feeling the product would make a triumphant return before Christmas and that's exactly what's going to happen

Bethesda, Jones and Target have all confirmed plans to release new Fallout Nuka Cola stock this week. Jones is saying that the current plan is to release the new stock on December 18th. Some Target stores are apparently telling customers that stock will return earlier than that so you'll probably want to call or head in to confirm.

Target will be selling the limited edition product for $2.99, the standard price. Scalpers have been trying to charge $30 or more for one bottle. And to try and cut down on the number of scalpers, customers will be limited to two Nuka Cola bottles.

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