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55 Best Galaxy Note 4 Apps



Here are the best Galaxy Note 4 apps that you can find and download from Google Play and the Samsung App Store. These apps take advantage of the Galaxy Note 4 display, S Pen and power that Samsung packs into the popular smartphone. These are the Galaxy Note 4 apps that you need to download today.

Our favorite Galaxy Note 4 apps are great for entertainment, productivity, security and gaming with a wide-range of options including paid and free Galaxy Note 4 apps that take advantage of many of these Galaxy Note 4 features. Many users prefer free apps, but there are plenty of great paid apps that are well worth the price.

If you are just getting started you may only use a few Galaxy Note 4 apps, but you can use our list of the best Galaxy Note 4 apps to do much more than you can right out of the box. The apps that we use on the Galaxy Note 4 are what make it worth the price we paid and allow us to get more done with the device.

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New Galaxy Note 4 users and those who are very familiar with the Galaxy Note 4 will find several hidden gems and great apps to download in our list of favorites.

Best Galaxy Note 4 Apps

These are the Galaxy Note 4 apps that I use daily or weekly to keep up with a fast paced online job and to work with team members in multiple time zones. The best Galaxy Note 4 apps make up well over half of the Galaxy Note 4 experience, unlocking the full potential of the device.

Download the best Galaxy Note 4 apps today.

Download the best Galaxy Note 4 apps today.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 4 apps that I use, there are several from our broader team that are great for bigger cities, for music lovers and for travelers

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Galaxy Note 4 apps that I use to relax, be productive and keep in touch with everyone I know right from the Galaxy Note 4. A few of these apps are already installed, but many of the best Galaxy Note 4 apps are the same apps that I install on any Android phone I own, though there are a few that are better on the Galaxy Note 4 thanks to the bigger screen and S Pen. You will need to spend some money on apps to get the best, so it’s wise to set aside $15 to $25 to spend on Note 4 apps.

You can add an app to your wishlist if you want to buy it later, or wait for it to go on sale. You can do this on Google Play from your computer and with the small + option above Install or Buy on your Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 Apps for Social Media

Twitter The basic Twitter app delivers more than enough for most users, and without Tweetbot for Android there is little reason for me to look for another Twitter app.

Reddit News Pro – After using a lot of Reddit Android apps Reddit News Pro is the best I’ve found. The app supports gestures to navigate around and is simply incredible. There is also a free version that you can try out.

Facebook Facebook is a must have app on the Galaxy Note 4, but I occasionally turn off notifications so I am not overwhelmed.

Instagram Instagram is one of my favorite social networks because there is less drama there than on Facebook or Twitter. Just cool photos and great food to look at.

These are the best Galaxy Note 4 apps you can download.

These are the best Galaxy Note 4 apps you can download.

Security Galaxy Note 4 Apps

LastPass I use LastPass to manage all of my passwords and it is awesome. The LastPass app keeps all of my login info handy and can fill it in for apps and webpages by using the Note 4 fingerprint reader to unlock my LastPass vault. Check out my LastPass review for more information.

Google Authenticator The Google Authenticator apps is essential for managing two-factor authentication from my Android smartphones.

Android Device Manager I keep Android Device Manager on the Galaxy Note 4 to make sure I can find it if I lose it, but also to track where my other Android devices are located. This is basically Find My Android, but the name is not as catchy as Apple’s tool.

Galaxy Note 4 Productivity Apps

Slack Slack is the center of communications for our team. The Android app lets me communicate and manage our remote team without the need to have a computer handy. After using Yammer, Convo and many others, Slack is the best option we’ve found.

Asana Asana makes creating and managing tasks easy. I use Asana to manage tasks for myself, tasks for projects and tasks for our team. The Android app is better than it was in late 2014, and works quite well.

Google Hangouts Although a lot of my communication shifted into Slack, I still use Google Hangouts to talk with friends and team-members every day. It is also the default text tool on my Note 4.

Google Drive, Google Docs & Google Sheets I use these three tools to easily access shared documents and files that I keep within the Google ecosystem. Google Drive isn’t where I store every file, but it is useful for many things in Gmail and other locations.

Evernote Evernote is the best way for me to keep notes organized on the Galaxy Note 4 and I often find myself using the S Pen to take notes inside Evernote.

Dropbox Dropbox is my go to source for storing documents that I need to use on any device. There is nothing yet that matches it for ease of use.

Gmail – The Gmail apps is already installed, but it is still one of the best Galaxy Note 4 apps out there. Make sure you use this for your Gmail accounts and not the stock Mail app on the Galaxy Note 4.

S Pen Apps for Galaxy Note 4

The best Galaxy Note 4 S Pen apps are in the Samsung App Store.

The best Galaxy Note 4 S Pen apps are in the Samsung App Store.

S Note – If you want to take notes on the Galaxy Note 4, the S Note app is a great place to do it. You can turn off touch so that it is easier to take notes with the S Pen without your palm or hand leaving a mark.

SketchBook – I am not a great artist, but when I want to sketch something out, I use SketchBook. Samsung Galaxy Gifts includes pro tools free for Note 4 owners when you download from the Samsung app store.

ArtRage – This app is another cool way to paint using the S Pen with the option to paint in oils and watercolors. This is also free in the Samsung app store.

Best Galaxy Note 4 Health Apps

Stock up with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Stock up with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

MyFitnessPal I use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat, my exercise and my progress towards reaching a healthier weight and lifestyle. The app is free and includes everything I need in a fitness app, plus it can connect to other apps and services.

Google Fit Google Fit tracks my activity without the need to manually enter it and it works with Android Wear so the Moto 360 can do the tracking for me.

Calm Calm helps me take a short break when I need to re-energize or just collect myself before dealing with a stressful day or encounter. If you need to calm down a little bit, you need to install this app.

Red Cross First Aid This app lets me keep a wealth of first aid knowledge on the Galaxy Note 4 and it works even without a cell phone signal. I know some first aid information, but this one of the first apps I install on any device.

Best Galaxy Note 4 Entertainment Apps

The best Galaxy Note 4 apps leverage the big screen for entertainment.

The best Galaxy Note 4 apps leverage the big screen for entertainment.

Audible – Audible delivers access to audiobooks that I listen to in the car, at the gym and around the house. If you are new to Audible you can get three months free with your Galaxy Note 4 purchase.

Hulu Plus Hulu Plus delivers my first run TV shows on the Galaxy Note 4 so I can watch BlackList and other popular shows without buying individual episodes that I miss on TV.

HBO Go From Game of Thrones to movies and comedy specials, HBO Go is an excellent app for the Note 4. You just need a HBO subscription or a friend who is willing to share.

Netflix Netflix remains my go to place to watch movies and TV shows with a monthly subscription. I get access to Amazon Instant Video with my Prime subscription, but Netflix is still the number one option for me.

TNT With a cable or satellite subscription I can use the TNT app to watch full episodes of The Librarians without paying any more. There are other TNT shows available, but this is my primary use for the app.

Smart Remote & Watch On – The Smart Remote and Watch On apps make it easy to control a home theater or HDTV with the Galaxy Note 4’s IR port. Watch On and Smart Remote offer similar activities, so you can pick the one you like best.

Amazon Kindle for Samsung – The only difference between the Amazon Kindle for Samsung app and the normal one is that Samsung users get one free ebook a month when they choose the Samsung branded Kindle app from the Samsung App Store.

DirecTV As a DirecTV subscriber I use this app to watch live TV, schedule recordings and check what is on TV when I am not in front of the TV. It can also act as a remote control to change the channel, but it cannot control your HDTV.

Comcast Xfinity, TWC TV or AT&T Uverse When I was a Time Warner customer I used the TWC TV app. Comcast and Uverse offer similar apps to the DirecTV app that those subscribers need to check out. If you pay for cable or satellite service you need to download the companion app to get the full value of what you are paying for.

Sling TV – If you cut the cord you can watch live TV on your Galaxy Note 4 and other devices including ESPN, TNT, TBS and more for just $20 a month. Check out our early Sling TV review.

Xbox One SmartGlass I do a lot of gaming on consoles so I use the Xbox One SmartGlass app to stay connected and to control the Xbox with my Note 4.

PlayStation App The PlayStation App lets me check up on friends who own a PS4, use as a second screen in some games and find new PS4 games.

Best Galaxy Note 4 Shopping Apps

Do more with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Do more with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Google Wallet I use Google Wallet to make mobile payments at many stores with NFC readers. It doesn’t work everywhere, but it is a better option for me than Softcard and it works better than Apple Pay for the banks I currently use.

Amazon The Amazon app is a better way to shop than just using the web page. It lets me easily track my orders and shop for what I want from anywhere. With Amazon Prime, it is one of my most frequently used apps.

Meijer I shop at a regional grocer that offers MPerks, a form of digital coupons that I can clip on the Note 4 using this app and then save big at checkout. This app saved me over $100 last year.

GasBuddy GasBuddy makes it easy to find cheap gas and alerts me when the gas prices will go up in my area so I know to get gas before a huge price jump.

Best Buy I buy almost all of my video games and many electronics from Best Buy. The app lets me track orders, shop and check my Best Buy rewards.

Best Galaxy Note 4 Weather Apps

Arcus This app delivers hyper-local forecasts on Android. It is similar to Dark Sky on iPhone, which is another favorite. The app lets me see the precipitation for the next hour as well as hourly and daily forecasts. The app also includes notifications before it rains or snows.

Local Weather App – In Addition Arcus I keep a local news channel weather app installed so that I can quickly see alerts for my area and professional forecasts for my city when severe weather approaches.

Travel Galaxy Note 4 Apps

Maximize your travel and fun with great Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Maximize your travel and fun with great Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Waze Waze is an essential travel app. It alerts me to speed traps, construction and accidents so that my trip goes smooth and I can avoid wasting time sitting in traffic.

Uber I don’t use Uber much, but if you are in a big city it is an essential tool for getting from one location to the next when you can’t find a taxi.

Yelp – This is the best way for me to find a great place to eat or visit while I am traveling. If I get a recommendation from the hotel or another place I will check in Yelp.

Music Apps for Galaxy Note 4

Spotify Spotify is the best music streaming service I’ve found and it is essential to my sanity and productivity. On the Galaxy Note 4 I always have my music and the great shared playlists I follow. Check out my Spotify tips and tricks for more.

SoundCloud Soundcloud makes it easy to find and listen to great music from mashups and electronic to indie artists and more. It’s a fun way to listen to sets from live shows.

Handy & Useful Galaxy Note 4 Apps

You will need to pay for some of the best Galaxy Note 4 apps.

You will need to pay for some of the best Galaxy Note 4 apps.

Android Wear – I wear the Moto 360 regularly and the Android Wear app lets me manage the smartwatch, install new watch faces and control the notifications I receive on it.

Nest – With Nest I can control my home temperature from anywhere that I have an Internet connection. The Nest doesn’t need many adjustments, but when it is hotter or colder than normal outside I can manually change the temperature from my Note 4.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is free to use and it lets me check on our website performance from the Galaxy Note 4 to see who is online and check on what articles do well.

Fedex Mobile & UPS – With Amazon Prime and a job that includes many review units, these two apps make it easy to know when a package is coming and if it needs a signature.

PayPal The PayPal app is the easiest way for me to send money to many friends and businesses, and it makes it easy to review purchases made with a PayPal linked card.

Google Keyboard If you don’t like the Galaxy Note 4 default keyboard you can switch to the Google Keyboard so that your experience is the same across all of your devices.



  1. DW

    08/02/2015 at 4:12 pm

    Great apps list I am thinking of moving to android in December from an iPhone. I used to work for Meijer in the early 90’s.

    • AE

      08/25/2015 at 2:34 pm

      Do it! I switched almost three years ago and haven’t looked back. I heard Samsung is offering a free 30 day trial for iPhone users so you have nothing to lose.

  2. HS

    08/30/2015 at 12:30 pm

    You should add Beep’nGo to the list. Uses the phones notification light to blast loyalty cards to scanners. Works every time.

  3. DF

    10/07/2015 at 10:16 am

    I highly recommend Squid (used to be called Papyrus) for handwritten note taking. It’s free, but there are in-app purchases for some advanced functionality. Paying $5 to be able to markup PDFs is the killer s-pen app, in my opinion.

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