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Best Wireless Chargers for the Galaxy Note 7



Itian Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand for Samsung

Itian Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand for Samsung

The Itian Qi Fast Wireless Charger states it only does 10w of power, but it's "Fast Wireless Charging" certified exclusivly for Samsung devics. Meaning it will only fast charge the Note 7, Note 5, or Galaxy S7 series of devices. This is a stand that lets you sit the phone upright in Portrait mode, but sadly it won't work in landscape if you're watching a movie, Netflix or YouTube.

That's because the coils in the device need to line up with the wireless charging coils inside your Note 7, which only happens if the phone is sitting upright as pictured. Most pads have the same issue, so we wouldn't really call this a problem. More of an FYI.

It has a nice durable design, a weighted bottom to keep the phone comfortably sitting upright, and a nice LED light so you know it is charging. Again, this will only work at the full fast wireless speeds when you use the official Samsung "Adaptive Fast Charger" that comes in the box, buy a replacement, or buy their wall charger plug.

Toss this on your desk or night-stand, drop the Note 7 on it, and watch it quickly recharge without any wires. It's a great option for a decent price.

Buy it Now for $22.99 on Amazon

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