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Best Wireless Chargers for the Galaxy Note 7



NekTech Fast Wireless Charging Pad

NekTech Fast Wireless Charging Pad

This next one is a perfect middle ground for most. It isn't as expensive as Samsung's official option, but looks almost identical, and it also isn't flat but not a stand either.

The Nektech Fast Wireless Charging pad has a slight angle as shown in the image above for an improved view while it's charging your phone. It looks to be a great alternative for a fair price. Again, owners will need to plug it into Samsung's wall-plug that comes in the Note 7 box, as it needs enough power to deliver the full 15w for "fast wireless charging" otherwise it will just be regular wireless charging, which isn't nearly as fast. The rubber feet prevent it from sliding, and the LED notification light lets you instantly know the phone is getting juice.

Buy on Amazon for $19.99

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