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Best Galaxy S3 Accessories



The Galaxy S3 is popular enough that users can find a range of great Galaxy S3 accessories to extend the usefulness of the phone. From Galaxy S3 cases and bluetooth speakers to adapters that connect the Galaxy S3 to a HDTV or projector, here are some of the best, and essential, Galaxy S3 accessories.

We don’t see the same number of accessories as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but because the Galaxy S3 is available on all major U.S. carriers and across the world there are more accessories than we’ve seen for many Android phones in the past.

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Even with the Galaxy S4 release approaching, we expect to see several new Galaxy S3 accessories launch in 2013 from Samsung and from third-party vendors.

Check out the best Galaxy S3 accessories below, and check back for updates as they become available.

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

One accessory that any smartphone needs is a case or cover. While some may feel it may not be necessary to have one for their device, a case can help prevent scratches, screen cracks and other harm that may happen to the device. For the Galaxy S3 a good option is the Samsung Flip Cover.

The Flip Cover replaces the back battery cover of the phone to prevent damage to the device. The Flip Cover also has a front section to protect the screen from accidental scratches and drops. When the flip cover is not in use it can fold behind the phone so that it is not in the way.

$39.99 at Samsung




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