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11 Best Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cases



Here are the best Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases to protect your sleek new curved smartphone from drops, scratches and cracked backs.

You cannot use a Note 5 case or Galaxy S6 Edge case with this larger smartphone, so you’ll want to check out our roundup of exciting Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases. If you plan to cover your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with a case this is the list to check out. 

All of our exciting Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases come from our favorite manufacturers that consistently deliver the best looking and performing cases at the right price. We’ll share options from under $10 to more expensive cases that offer extra features to users who need more protection or options. 

You can buy the best Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases online direct from the makers or look for an amazing S6 Edge+ case at a retailer near you. 

Check out the most exciting Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases you can buy.

Check out the most exciting Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cases you can buy.

If the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus convinced you to upgrade from an iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 or other smaller phone the case you choose is a very important part of how much you will enjoy using your new big smartphone. A bulky case style that fit your use fine on a smaller phone could leave you hating your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus’ big size, so choose carefully. 

A good Galaxy S6 Edge Plus case adds a little grip, protects from small drops with cushioned edges and adds style or new features to your smartphone.

Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case

The Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S6 Edge Plus case is a super-thin hard case that snaps on to the smartphone to protect the back and edges, plus add a little grip. It doesn't impact the curved edges of the screen and it is very thin and light. You will not notice any added bulk or weight with this case.

We love using the Spigen Thin Fit cases on our other smartphones and expect that this Galaxy S6 edge Plus version will be a winner as well.

Spigen offers the Thin Fit Galaxy S6 Edge Plus case in white, black and mint and the case retails for $11.99 on Amazon.

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1 Comment

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