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Best HTC One Accessories



The HTC One is relatively new, but we are already seeing a collection of great HTC One accessories to help users get more out of the HTC One without spending too much money.

The HTC One is available on T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint and there is talk about the Verizon HTC One, but the best HTC One accessories aren’t going to show up on the shelves of your local carrier, at least not all of them.

The HTC One features a great looking all metal design and a curved back that fits great in the palm of a hand, but it won’t prop up on a desk as easily as the iPhone. The following HTC One accessories are designed to work with the unique size and shape of this phone.

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We picked the HTC One as an Editor’s Choice winner thanks to the great design and features like HTC Zoe and HTC BoomSound. Because the HTC One delivers a great camera experience we found a tripod adapter to help users take better photos.

While the HTC One doesn’t feature an SD card slot, we’ll show you what accessory to buy to add more storage to the HTC One, an easy way to connect wirelessly in the car, an essential HTC One gaming accessory and more.

Stay tuned as we will add to this list of HTC one accessories as more hit the market.

HTC One Stand

HTC One Stand

The HTC One features a great looking design that is easy to hold in a hand, but it isn't easy to prop up on a desk or a nightstand.

Thankfully users who want to watch movies on the 1080P HD display or use the HTC One's wide-angle front facing video camera can pick up a versatile stand for about $25.

Motorola make sa universal smartphone flip stand that keeps the HTC One in portrait or landscape mode and looks great while doing it. This stand isn't made explicitly for the HTC One, but it fits perfectly and it can also double as a tablet stand.

The stand holds the phone at multiple angles in portrait mode and includes a flip down part to hold the phone higher off the desk when in landscape mode.

$26 at Amazon













  1. David

    04/26/2013 at 7:42 am

    HTC One expandable storage should be this one:

  2. Rob Kaper

    07/24/2013 at 1:29 am

    Better powerbanks exist. HTC’s own battery bar has 6000mAh (at least two charges) and I got one on holidays in Serbia from unknown Chinese brand Blueberry with a whopping 10000mAh.

  3. Prakash Nambiar

    08/19/2013 at 12:23 am


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