Best iPhone 4S Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks in Cydia

Now that the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken, you might be asking yourself what you can do with the newfound freedom.

There are many great apps that only work on jailbroken phones. These apps allow you to do things Apple would never let into the app store, from turning off 3G restrictions to completely changing the looks of your iPhone 4S, you can do it with these great iPhone 4S jailbreak apps.

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Once you have your iPhone jailbroken, you can access these apps by tapping on the Cydia icon on your home screen. You may need to pay for some of these apps, but they are worth it.

To find these apps, use Search in Cydia. Unless noted, all of these apps are available in the basic Cydia repositories.


Dreamboard theme switching.

DreamBoard makes it easy to switch themes on the iPhone 4S.

Dreamboard is a free app that makes it super simple to switch between themes that completely change the way your iPhone 4S looks.

I’m not just talking icon changes, but full-blown themes that make your phone look like a desktop, like an Android phone, like Windows Phone 7 and much more. Some themes are free, but most will run $2 to $4. Sadly you can’t buy all of the themes in Cydia just yet, so look on Google for DreamBoard Themes to find free ones you can load onto your iPhone with iFunBox.

Barrel 2

Skip to 2:40 to see the app in action.

If you want to change the way your homescreens change, heck out Barrel 2. This free tweak for the iPhone 4S offers rolling, falling, rippling and other effects when you move back and forth between screens. To install this you will need to add a new repository to Cydia.

In Cydia, Tap Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> type in -> Search Barrel 2

After you install Barrel 2, you can change the transitions in your iPhone Settings.


IntelliscreenX is a very cool jailbreak app that allows you to do way more on your home screen. From Facebook and Twitter to Mail and news, your lockscreen is much more useful now. The Notification center now has the time larger and adds access to toggles for airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, Data, and Rotation. This app is $9.99, but has a free trial to see if you like it.


infinifolders for iPhone 4S

Add as many apps as you want to iPhone folders.

Sick of the 12 app limit that Apple places on folders? Infinifolders is a $2 app that lets you keep adding apps to the folder so that you can organize apps how you really want to. When you add extra apps, you just need to scroll down to see them.


Siri Toggles Settings on iPHone 4S

Change iPhone settings with SiriToggles on jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Ever wished you could use Siri to launch an app or change iPhone settings? This free app allows you to change your settings and open apps with your voice. It’s surprisingly accurate and works with many of the apps on my iPhone 4S. More on SiriToggles.


Activator is a nice app that allows you to add more gestures to your iPhone. My favorites are gestures that launch specific apps, such as a swipe left. If you pair this with certain jailbreak apps like BiteSMS, you can use a gesture to start a text message.

Five Icon dock

Five icon dock iPhone 4s

Add one more icon to the iPhone 4S dock.

It’s hard to pick a favorite four apps, but adding 6,7 or 8 is just too much. Give your dock one more icon with Five Icon dock, a free Cydia app.

Five Icon Switcher

Five icon switcher iPhone 4S

Add one more icon to your switcher on the iPhone 4S.

Just like the Five Icon dock adds another icon to your dock, this free Cydia tweak for the jailbroken iPhone 4S puts a fifth icon in your switcher, which means less scrolling.


I love this iPhone 4S jailbreak tweak. I keep a password on my iPhone 4S, keeping users out of it, but every time I update apps or make a purchase, I have to enter my password. This is great for parents who don’t want kids running up huge app store bills, but annoying for users like me. PasswordPilot allows me to skip entering my password when I use the App Store.


My3G facetime

Make Facetime calls over 3G

This app is one of my favorites. You can make Facetime calls over 3G, instead of being tethered to a WiFi hotspot. You can also do market downloads over 20MB in size while on 3G. Keep in mind that this will use up your data faster if you are on a limited data plan. $3.99 to purchase, with a free trial in Cydia.

Did we pass over your favorite Cydia app or tweak? Tell us which Cydia apps you’ve been using since the iPhone 4S was jailbroken. Are there any apps you can’t wait to be compatible with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5?