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69 Best iPhone 6 Plus Apps



This is a list of the best iPhone 6 Plus apps you can find and download. From apps that leverage the power and large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus to essentials that complete the iPhone experience on a device of any size, these are the apps you need.

This list of our favorite iPhone 6 Plus apps deliver entertainment, security and productivity thanks to a mix of free and paid apps that include many great iOS 8 features. Many users prefer free apps, but any paid app on this list is well worth buying for the iPhone 6 Plus.

It’s easy to jump in and just use a few apps on the iPhone 6 Plus, but this list of the best iPhone 6 Plus apps is what makes the iPhone 6 Plus such an amazing tool and worth the money we paid to buy it. All of these apps are highly recommended and used daily by the team at Gotta Be Mobile.

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If you are new to the iPhone 6 Plus, or a long time iPhone users, you’ll find a few hidden gems in our best iPhone 6 Plus apps list below.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Apps

Many of these iPhone 6 Plus apps are ones I use daily or weekly to simplify my busy life and leverage the full capabilities of my iPhone 6 Plus and the expensive data plan I’m paying for. These apps make up over half of the iPhone experience and most of the time I’m using the 6 Plus it is in one of these apps — not the default list Apple provides.

Here are the best iPhone 6 Plus apps you can download.

Here are the best iPhone 6 Plus apps you can download.

Most of these apps are ones that I use on my iPhone, but I also add in a few from Adam Mills, a fellow editor who can share a selection of apps users in bigger cities and who love to go to live music events can enjoy.

Here is an inside look at what’s in my iPhone 6 Plus and a sneak peak at how I use the iPhone 6 Plus to entertain myself, communicate with co workers, organize my life and take better looking photos with the same iPhone you’re holding.

I downloaded many of these iPhone apps over the last three years, but I start the iPhone 6 Plus experience as a new iPhone, downloading apps as I need them so that this list includes only the essential iPhone 6 Plus apps. Many of these are free, but for the best experience you’ll need to buy some apps. Even if you spend just $25 on iPhone apps you’ll get a selection of some of the best iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 apps out there.

iPhone 6 Plus Apps for Social Media

TweetBot – This is hands down the best iPhone Twitter app on the market. It delivers support for lists, easy access to search and handles basic Twitter functions wonderfully. Well worth the price.

Twitter – For users who don’t want to buy an app, the basic Twitter app is a great option. I still keep it handy because it is easier to see notifications for favorites and retweets.

Alien Blue – Alien Blue is the best iPhone Reddit app available. There is support for gestures, multiple accounts, optimized viewing modes for imgur and YouTube as well as an overall great look for Reddit. I can no longer use Reddit on my desktop.

Facebook – I only keep Facebook on my iPhone 6 Plus, because I find it too much of a distraction on my smaller iPhone 6. It’s one of my go to places for sharing photos.

Instagram – While I share a lot of photos of our two dogs I also like to pretend I know how to take artistic photos and share them on Instagram, with more hashtags than I should.

Security iPhone 6 Plus Apps

Use these iPhone 6 Plus apps to get more done and keep your data secure.

Use these iPhone 6 Plus apps to get more done and keep your data secure.

HDE OTP – This is a two-factor authentication app that looks nicer than the stock Google App and it supports Gmail, Dropbox and many other two factor authentication services. This lets me secure my accounts with a long password and a constantly changing password I can only see on my iPhone.

LastPass – LastPass is an incredibly handy password and profile manager that keeps all of my long hard to remember passwords on my iPhone 6 Plus, and it’s accessible with Touch ID. The app is free, but there is a $12 annual subscription to the service you need to use the mobile portion.

Find My iPhone – I keep this app handy to quickly track down my other iPhone and iPads, and in case a friend loses their iPhone or iPad. I can track the devices on my account and when I just can’t figure out what room I left an iPad in sound an alert. This is also handy if you let a kid use your iPad, as they might leave it buried in a pile of toys.

iPhone 6 Plus Apps Productivity Apps

Slack – Slack is a work communication tool we use to organize and communicate in a central, searchable location. It includes desktop and web apps and integrates with other services. I really like that the mobile app is not dumbed down.

Asana – Asana is the best task and project management tool I’ve found for my own tasks and for teams. There is a learning curve, but overall it is an excellent way to plan your day or week and organize multiple to do lists across many projects.

Google Hangouts – This is another essential tool for real-time communication between co workers. I still talk to some friends here, but most migrated to Facebook Messenger.

Evernote is one of the best iPhone 6 Plus apps you'll find.

Evernote is one of the best iPhone 6 Plus apps you’ll find.

Google Drive, Docs & Sheets – I use these three apps to remotely work on some shared documents and brainstorming docs and spreadsheets that require multiple team members to edit at the same time.

Day One – This is an incredible journalling app that automatically logs the location and weather when you start a note. I use this to track progress in recovering from a car accident.

Evernote – After a taking a break to use Apple’s default Notes app I am back to Evernote, where I can always find the items I am searching for. Often I’ll place an idea or start of something in Evernote to flesh out later and add to my to do list in Asana.

Dropbox – Even though there are other storage apps, I keep coming back to dropbox because it always keeps my files and folders in sync between all of my devices. Unlike Google Drive there is never an unexplained delay in uploading files that I need.

iPhone 6 Plus Keyboards You’ll Love

Swype – Swype is a go to keyboard option that Android users are familiar with and it is a long coveted iPhone keyboard option. I keep this and several keyboard options on tap and switch between them as I move between different tasks.

SwiftKey – SwiftKey is a free and awesome iPhone 6 Plus keyboard that learns how you type for better predictions. You can connect it to your Gmail, Twitter, Evernote and other accounts to learn your writing style.

One-Handed Keyboard – When I know I will be on the move a lot with the iPhone 6 Plus I turn on the one-handed keyboard. This shifts the keyboard to the left or right for easier one-handed typing.

iPhone 6 Plus Health Apps

Calm – This is an essential app to help me reset when things get out of control. Spend 5-15 minutes with Calm and I can change my mood enough to keep going without losing my cool. Without this app there are many days where working from home alone and dealing with frustrations would make it easy to call it a day, but thanks to Calm I can carry on.

First Aid by American Read Cross – This app delivers an offline accessible encyclopedia of first aid details and information that is essential for any iPhone user to keep at hand.

Sleep Cycle – Adam Mills uses Sleep Cycle to track his sleep patterns and to function as an alarm clock that wakes him up when the time is just right, so he’s not woken up mid-deep sleep.

iPhone 6 Plus Entertainment Apps

Hulu Plus – For catching up on shows like The BlackList and Bones, Hulu Plus is an essential service that is worth the monthly charge.

HBO Go – I can take HBO from my TV to my phone and watch old shows like The Wire and Oz as well as newer ones like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. the bigger screen makes these easier to watch on the go.

Netflix – I keep a Netflix account for access to a wide variety of older and recent movies. Once again, the larger screen makes watching a full movie something that I can do when I don’t have a bigger device with me.

The bigger iPhone 6 Plus screen makes it better for movies and TV shows.

The bigger iPhone 6 Plus screen makes it better for movies and TV shows.

Amazon Instant Video – Although much of the content is the same, there are some TV shows only on Amazon Instant Video and a growing amount of original content.

YouTube – When you simply need the latest late-night clips and funny videos to stay entertained, YouTube is my go to app.

Audible – The only real place to go for audio books. Audible keeps progress in sync between devices and you can even keep progress between an eBook for many titles.

Remote – If you own an Apple TV, you need this app. You can control your Apple TV and type in passwords and movie names much faster.

Amazon Kindle I love to read and I don’t bother with iBooks. Instead I use Amazon Kindle. I can buy eBooks from Amazon and read them on any device, so I am not locked in to reading on iPhone or iPad in case I switch later.

DirecTV – With the DirecTV app I can control my Genie DVR, change the channel and even watch some Live TV and on demand programming from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Comcast Xfinity Go – Comcast subscribers can use this app to watch on demand and live TV shows. Selection varies, but there are many options.

TWC TV – Watch Time Warner Cable TV live on your iPhone 6 Plus, but only in your home for most channels. There is no additional charge for this,.

Best Shopping iPhone 6 Plus Apps

Apple Store – With the Apple Store app I can make purchases in the Apple Store, check stock at local stores when you want to find an iPhone or iPad in stock.

Amazon – With an Amazon Prime account, this is a go to shopping app for me. From toothpaste to dog toy squeakers, this is the app I use.

Best Buy – Best Buy is where I buy almost all of my video games, because I save 20% with Gamer’s Club Unlocked. I use the app to place orders and to check rewards.

Meijer – If you live in the midwest you’ll recognize this as a go to app for getting digital coupons for Meijer and earning rewards for big discounts.

Snap – Snap by Groupon is an app that allows me to take a photo of my grocery receipts and earn credits. You’ll need to earn $10 to cash out.

Gas Buddy – I use this app to find the cheapest gas nearby. It’s easy to find 3 to 10 cents per gallon price differences with only traveling a little further along my route.

Best Weather Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

This long list of iPhone 6 Plus apps will help you do more with your iPhone.

This long list of iPhone 6 Plus apps will help you do more with your iPhone.

Dark Sky – Dark Sky offers hyper local forecasts and notifications when it will rain or snow. In Ohio this is essential to avoid freezing or getting drenched. There’s also an iOS 8 widget for the upcoming forecast.

The Weather Channel – If you want a free weather app The Weather Channel delivers a more full featured experience than Apple’s default weather app.

Local News App – If you live in an area where you need to watch out for snow and really bad weather, you’ll want to go for a local app that’s going to deliver faster updates and more local information on weather and snow emergencies.

Travel iPhone 6 Plus Apps

Waze Waze offers cool re-routing when it detects traffic ahead will cause a slow down. I use this when i travel to bigger cities.

Uber – Uber comes recommended from Gotta Be Mobile editors in bigger cities who rely on this service to get around. Call a car to your location and get a ride without waiting on a taxi.

Google Maps – Forget Apple Maps, Google Maps is the best all purpose maps app for the iPhone. And that’s not just because Apple Maps doesn’t include my street despite telling them to fix it multiple times.

Yelp – When I need to find a new place to eat, Yelp is a great resource. I mainly use it when traveling.

Hotel Tonight – If you don’t need to plan your trip ahead of time you can use Hotel Tonight to score last-minute deals for a hotel. Editor Adam Mills calls it a, “solid application for the hurried traveler.”

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Apps

Use these iPhone 6 Plus camera apps to share better looking photos.

Use these iPhone 6 Plus camera apps to share better looking photos.

YouTube Capture – I use YouTube capture to shoot and share videos to the Gotta Be Mobile YouTube channel. It is better suited for this than the basic YouTube app.

Camera+ – This is an amazing photo editing app. Right now I mainly use it through the main photos app. I can tap on the three dots in edit and select Camera+ to open my photos in it and then save the changes right back to the Camera Roll.

Touch ReTouch – With Touch ReTouch I restored two old photos for a neighbor. This turned cracked, faded and worn out photos into something they can enjoy once again. This app is simply amazing.

Sports Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

ESPN Fantasy Football – This is the app I use to play Fantasy Football in a local league. It does everything I need including player predictions.

NFL Sunday Ticket – One of the main reasons I use DirecTV is to get NFL Sunday Ticket. I use this to watch the Miami Dolphins on the iPhone 6 Plus. You can watch your favorite team, but you should really switch to the Dolphins.

ESPN Radio – I don’t have access to Watch ESPN so when I need to follow a sport or game that isn’t in Sunday ticket I use ESPN Radio for free listening to many games.

NFL Mobile – Verizon customers can watch Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night football games on the NFL Mobile app and if you are a More Everything user you get most video options free.

Music Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

Spotify – Spotify is my go to app for listening to music. I love that I can subscribe to playlists, like all the music from a favorite TV Show and playlists from people who follow music closer than I for an ever-changing playlist.

SoundCloud – When it comes to finding new music and listening to live shows, SoundCloud is an essential app.

Best iPhone 6 Plus Games

Anomaly 2 – This reverse tower defense game is loads of fun, and one of my favorite challenging time wasters.

Plague Inc. – Create a plague that can wipe out humanity? If that sounds like fun you will love Plague Inc. You must make a virus or plague that is strong enough to travel and take out the world, but not easy to cure.

Zen Garden – When the Calm app isn’t enough I drop into this virtual Zen Garden to relax and interact without the need to add a real Zen Garden to my office.

SketchParty TV – This is an essential game if you own an Apple TV. Use the iPhone 6 Plus display as your sketch board and draw the clue that the rest of the team sees on the big screen. It’s like Pictionary for your iPhone 6 Plus and Apple TV.

Monument Valley– This stunning puzzler is addicting even though I just started playing I cannot put it down. Move your character and the environment around to get to the end of each level as you need to think harder each time you advance.

Xbox One Smart Glass – I use the Xbox One Smart Glass app to interact with my Xbox One and see what friends are online so I know if I need to log in and play some Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or if no everyone is busy.

Useful iPhone 6 Plus Apps

Nest – I use the Nest app to control my home thermostat from my iPhone. The Nest learns how I like the house, but occasionally I need to bump the heat up or down and with Nest I don’t need to leave bed to do it.

Quicklytics – Hands down the best Google Analytics app for the iPhone. It includes reports, deep access to analytics and even real-time reporting.

Google Search –  This is essentially Google Now for the iPhone. It offers fast access to important information and easy searching by voice or text.

Fedex Mobile & UPS – I use both of these apps to track packages that are coming in for reviews and for christmas gifts. They allow me to see status and to change delivery options if needed.

PayPal – When I need to send money to a friend PayPal is the easiest option, and I use it at least once a week for some purchase or payment.



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    Unlike other weather apps, Weather or Not is designed to be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. The app allows users to visualize the weather and understand what it means for their plans using an interactive 7-day hourly graph. In addition, the calendar integration allows users to import their schedule so they can receive weather updates for all of their events.

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