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Best iPhone Accessories for the Beach



There are only a couple more months of warm weather left before beach season can be considered over, especially on the east coast. Here are the best iPhone accessories to make the most of the remaining season at the beach.

You probably go to the beach at least once a year. It’s an experience that many people look forward to after the snow melts and the leaves start to grow back. Whether it’s a beach on the Great Lakes, in Florida, on the west coast, or on the east coast, you need the right equipment to make the experience the best it can be.

The beach is an excellent place to hang out and party, and with the right iPhone accessories, you can turn a mediocre beach experience into a thriving experience that turns it up to 11 — a Bluetooth speaker being the most popular accessory that you should have in your beach arsenal.

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However, not only do you need the best iPhone accessories for entertainment, but you also need the right accessories to protect your iPhone, since both water and sand can wreak havoc on your iPhone if they get into contact with the device, which is why a waterproof iPhone case is an excellent iPhone accessory to have while you’re at the beach, even if it doesn’t sound incredibly sexy.

Without further ado, here are the best iPhone accessories that you should bring with you the next time you head to the beach.



Logitech's Ultimate Ears division cranks out some really awesome Bluetooth speakers, and its newest product is the UE ROLL, which replaces the Mini Boom.

In a word, the new UE ROLL sports a rather unique design,  coming with a UFO saucer-type shape with an attached bungie cord loop that lets you hang it just about anywhere. The best part is that it's water-resistant and dust/dirt resistant as well, thanks to the rubber flap that covers up the ports when they're not in use.

Plus, the speaker gets plenty loud enough to offer great outdoor sound within a 6-foot radius or so, making it the perfect companion to play music on while you're lounging on the beach.

If you're not a big fan of the UE ROLL, check out some other great Bluetooth speakers for iPhone.





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1 Comment

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