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Best iPhone Apps for Drawing & Doodling



Sometimes you just need to doodle on your iPhone to clear your mind. Here are the best iPhone apps for drawing and doodling while on the go.

Doodling is one of those activities that anyone can enjoy, even if you’re not particular good at it. It’s a good way to relax and just enjoy your own creativity, no matter how serious or not you are about drawing. Those who are really good at drawing and those who aren’t as good can still reap the same benefits that doodling offers.

Many people prefer to use pencil and paper when it comes to drawing, but if you’re the environmental type that doesn’t want to waste paper, drawing on your iPhone is also a good option. Plus, drawing digitally makes it really easy to erase mistakes or start over with a clean slate.

There are a lot of iPhone drawing apps available on the App Store, but only a small handful of them are worth your time. You could go around trying each and every one of them, or you could continue reading and see which drawing apps are the best to use for your doodling wants and needs.

Without further ado, here are the best iPhone apps for drawing and doodling.



Perhaps one of the most popular drawing apps was recently release on iPhone. Previously, Paper was only available on the iPad.

The drawing app from FiftyThree has all sorts of cool features, like the ability to mix colors when you draw, as well as use all sorts of different types of digital drawing utensils, like pen, pencil, paintbrush, etc.

The Paper app also works flawlessly with FiftyThree's own Pencil stylus, although it's a bit cumbersome to use on the iPhone's screen.

Paper also includes some note-taking features, like creating checklists and even taking photos and annotating them. While it's not the most comprehensive note-taking app around, it has enough drawing features to keep doodlers busy.

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1 Comment

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