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Best iPhone XR Screen Protectors



Tech21 iPhone XR Screen Protectors

$34.95 and up at tech21

tech21 offers three different iPhone XR screen protector options. I tested out these screen protectors with tech21 iPhone cases last year and was surprised by how well they protect the iPhone from drops. 

tech21 iPhone XR Impact Glass - tempered glass screen protector for the ultimate protection. 

tech21 iPhone XR Impact Shield - Self healing screen protection that removes scratches on the screen protector over time. 

tech21 iPhone XR Impact Shield Anti-Glare - An anti-glare option that helps improve viewability. 

They come with an easy to use installer tray and a lifetime limited warranty on the screen protector. The only one that is tempered glass is the Impact Glass. If you want an option that heals over time the Impact Shield is a great option and the anti-glare one is a good pick if that is important to you. 

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