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Best Kindle Fire Black Friday 2014 Deals



The Black Friday 2014 shopping season is full of Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX deals from many retailers, offering big discounts on Amazon’s line of Android powered tablets. Here, ahead of one of the year’s biggest shopping dates, we take a look at some of the best Kindle Fire Black Friday 2014 deals that money can buy.

Black Friday Kindle Fire deals deliver some of the biggest savings you’ll find all year, and you don’t need to line up in store for all of these. You can save $30 on the Kindle Fire HDX 16GB, $50 off the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, and $40 off the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch. These are big Kindle Fire deals and they are perfect for those of you looking to score a solid, cheap tablet for a loved one this holiday shopping season.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire series is one of the world’s most recognizable tablet lines and for good reason. These tablets offer an excellent Amazon-centric experience without the price tag that comes with slates like the iPad. These Kindle Fire Black Friday deals only help to make cheap tablets more affordable and consumers in the hunt should take note.

Kindle Fire Black Friday 2014 Deals

Kindle Fire sale

Many retailers are cutting the price of the older Kindle Fire significantly, but shoppers will get a better deal with the Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX Black Friday deals, which offer newer devices that run faster and will see longer overall software support. Even the older devices are better than most of the cheap no-name Android tablets that line the shelves of various retailers.

For shoppers planning to give a Kindle Fire as a gift, you can buy this week, or you can spend a month hunting for a deal that may come close to the various holidays in December. With online options and incredible gift card savings, you should seriously consider these Kindle Black Friday deals instead of holding out hope for something better in the days and weeks ahead.

Kindle Fire HD Black Friday 2014 Deals

Amazon and third-party retailers sell several different versions of the Kindle Fire HD including cheap 6-inch and 7-inch models dubbed Kindle Fire HD 6 and Kindle Fire HD 7 and and a larger model 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD. Amazon itself and its retail partners are offering discounts on all three of these Kindle Fire HD variants and here are the best deals.

Starting November 27th, and lasting thru November 29th, Amazon will be offering the Kindle Fire HD 6 for $79. That’s $20 off the usual retail price of $99. That’s an extremely cheap price for a tablet that we consider the best budget tablet around. Office Depot and Office Max will also be selling the Kindle Fire HD 6 for the same $79 price.

kindle fire hdx origami case

Those looking for a larger Kindle Fire will want to take a look at deals for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. Starting November 27th, Amazon will be charging $109 for a tablet that’s usually $139. That’s another nice discount for a device that like the 6-inch model, is among the best in its class. That deal will last thru December 1st.

We saw some early deals for the 8.9-inch model including a great deal at Staples but for the moment, the device is out of stock and unavailable to tablet buyers. We could see some new deals emerge in the next two days so buyers will want to keep an eye out. Most deals are going to be for the company’s Kindle HD 6 and HD 7.

Kindle Fire HDX Black Friday 2014 Deals

Those looking to buy the Kindle Fire HDX instead of the cheaper Kindle Fire HD models are in luck because there are several deals out for the HDX version of the Kindle Fire.


Staples is offering an insane deal on the 7-inch model that usually retails for $199. This model can be dropped down to $129 using this coupon code: 45209. That’s a huge steal. Those that don’t use the promotion code will get the device for $179 which is still a bit of a discount from the tablet’s regular price point. The couple is essential.

The retailer is also offering a nice deal on the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX. The device, which retails for $380 normally, has been cut down to $350. That’s not an extensive price cut but it’s a price cut nonetheless.



  1. Melissa

    11/26/2014 at 5:30 pm

    I tried to use code 45209 for the kindle hex at Staples and no luck.

  2. tyson

    11/27/2014 at 7:01 pm

    Code is expired

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