11 Best LG G3 Accessories
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11 Best LG G3 Accessories



The LG G3 is a great phone that delivers a lot of features and capabilities as soon as you turn it on, but with the help of the best LG G3 accessories you can do a lot more with the new LG phone.

Here is out list of  the best LG G3 accessories available, so you can do more with your new LG phone and get more for your money. Some of our recommendations aren’t cheap, and that’s because these are the best options we’ve used.

You’ll find cheaper LG G3 accessories, but you won’t find better options than the ones listed below. Here are our top LG G3 accessories you need to know about.

From headphones, backup battery power, more storage and LG G3 cases, you’ll find a little bit of everything in this list. Our favorite LG G3 accessories are essential to taking advantage of the beautiful new LG display and laser focusing camera.

If you want to do more with your new LG phone you’ll want to read our 51 LG G3 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features. This is better than the LG G3 manual at showing you everything the new LG phone can do and how to do it with videos and detailed walkthroughs.

You can click on any of the items to see where to buy the G3 accessories and you’ll also find the price right at the top so you know what it costs. The cheapest accessory is a small cable that lets you connect a Xbox 360 controller, USB drive or full size SD card to the LG G3, and it’s one LG G3 accessory that everyone should own.

USB OTG Cable - $2

USB OTG Cable - $2

The best LG G3 accessory you can buy for the money is a USB OTG cable. This short cable plugs into the Micro USB port on the bottom of the LG G3 and allows you to connect accessories to the full size USB port on the other end. 

You can plug a USB drive in to access files or movies you transferred from a computer. If you own a wired Xbox 360 controller you can plug that in and use it to play Android games on the nice 5.5-inch G3 display. 

With a USB to SD card adapter you can also see the pictures you take on your DSLR on the larger and higher resolution LG G3 display, which is a great way to see if your photo turned out. 

Buy a USB OTG cable for $1.50 on Amazon



  1. Mike Kang

    02/25/2015 at 6:51 pm

    Basically advertising for other things using the lg as marketing. GG gottabemobile. Site is horrible opion based reviews.

    • wald

      03/23/2015 at 9:52 pm

      Yes, you will have to actually BUY these accessories if you’d like to use them.

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