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5 Best LG G4 Screen Protectors



Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

Tech Armor is another popular brand I've used on my own devices, and they have great screen protectors. The strengthened Ballistic glass offers 99.9% clarity similar to the glass installed on your LG G4, and has precisious cutouts for all the sensors, earpiece and others aspects of the front of the LG G4.

They promise a bubble-free no hassle install, and offer a lifetime warranty if your screen ever scratches or breaks. So if that event happens, they'll replace your Ballistic Glass with another one. It's also one of the cheapest on our list, being just $6.95.

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  1. David Smith

    08/25/2015 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you very much,you really gave us huge variety of information about the LG case,I always like shopping on with great collections of pretty fashion LG case resource from, i and my friends bought several beautiful blue leather cases.

  2. Porkin

    01/17/2017 at 4:33 am

    *it’s got Gorrilla Glass 3
    Not GG 4

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