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Best MacBook Air Accessories



The best MacBook Air accessories help you do more with your new MacBook Air, breathe life into an older notebook, protect the MacBook Air from the dangers of being an ultra-portable machine and let you personalize your MacBook Air.

These are the top MacBook Air accessories that we could find to supercharge your MacBook Air in 2015. The MacBook Air is already a great notebook, but there are some missing features and faults that you can fix with the right accessories.

Most owners don’t need all of these MacBook Air accessories. Your specific use and the MacBook Air you own will influence what you need to buy, but with this list you can get started at equipping yourself for better productivity and overall enjoyment of your MacBook Air.

Use the best MacBook Air accessories to do more with your notebook.

Use the best MacBook Air accessories to do more with your notebook.

Our list of favorite MacBook Air accessories will cover using the notebook at home at a desk, on the go for travelers and around town or off to school. If this sounds like every way you use the MacBook Air, then you may need to save up or pick and choose what you need most.

One of the first things we do is protect the MacBook Air display with a cover or a case, and we will share our top picks below. There are also several adapters that users will need to make sure they can always connect to the Internet and to connect a SD card.

The other top MacBook Air accessories on our list will help you be more productive when you are at a desk in your office, at home or in a dorm. You can use these accessories on most MacBook Air models from the last several years including the 2014, 2013 and 2012 models.

Instead of buying a second computer like a Mac Mini for your home or dorm room, you can use these to supercharge the MacBook Air and basically turn your one computer into something that works as good at home as it does while mobile.

Best MacBook Air Accessories

Twelve South SurfacePad

Twelve South SurfacePad

 The Twelve South SurfacePad is a thin leather layer that covers the palm rest on the MacBook Air 11-inch and MacBook Air 13-inch. The thin leather cover keeps your hands off the metal to prevent sweaty palms and offers a premium feel.

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The SurfacePad comes in black and red cut specifically to the MacBook Air 11 or MacBook Air 13. The fit is perfect and it offers just enough cushion to make long typing sessions a little more comfortable. The Twelve South SurfacePad remains my favorite MacBook Air Accessory to date.

$29.99 at Twelve South

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