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Best Madden 15 Ultimate Team Players Revealed



In addition to tons of changes to the Madden Ultimate Team mode for Madden 15 EA Sports just share the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team players in the game.

If you plan to play Madden 15 Ultimate Team, you’ll want to collect these players if you can, to help build your perfect team. EA just let loose the top 15 Madden 15 Ultimate Team players at release, so you can start planning your team.

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The new Madden release arrives on August 26th, and we’ll see more about the new Madden Ultimate Team mode in the coming days.

This is the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team player.

This is the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team player.

We already ran down the major changes to the Ultimate Team Mode, that should make playing this fun new mode much better than in Madden 25 last year.

Best Madden 15 Ultimate Team Players

Here are the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team players, for the new Madden release. We’ll see other players arrive with higher rankings as the game progresses and special packs and historic players arrive, but if you want to start building the best Madden 15 Ultimate Team here’s your wishlist.

  1. J.J. Watt – 91 – Houston Texans – LE
  2. Richard Sherman – 91 – Seattle Seahawks – WR
  3. Peyton Manning – 90 – Denver Broncos – QB
  4. Adrian Peterson – 90 – Minnesota Vikings – HB
  5. Calvin Johnson – 90 – Detroit Lions – WR
  6. Joe Thomas – 90 – Cleveland Browns – LT
  7. Von Miller – 90 – Denver Broncos – LOLB
  8. Brandon Marshall – 89 – Chicago Cubs -89
  9. Jimmy Graham – 89 – New Orleans Saints – TE
  10. Rob Gronkowski – 89 – New England Patriots – TE
  11. John Sullivan – 89 – Minnesota Vikings – C
  12. Robert Quinn – 89 – St. Louis Rams – RE
  13. Ndamukong Suh – 89 – Detroit Lions – DT
  14. Gerald McCoy – 89 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT
  15. NaVorro Bowman – 89 – San Francisco 49ers – MLB

It’s no shock that these players are also some of the top players in the NFL. It will be tough to make your team with all of these players, but if you get lucky you’ll be able to pull in at least a few of these players to make your Madden 15 Ultimate Team better than the competition.

EA promises, “The 2015 MUT season is set to deliver the best looking premium and elite Items we’ve ever released, so get ready to earn some serious bragging rights.” On top of the changes already made to the actual Madden Ultimate Team management, players get a new look for the cards they collect. 

The gallery below shows the new look for the best Madden 15 ultimate team players. If you want to see the what EA has to say about each player you can check out the Madden 15 news post.

For a quick look at the new Madden 15 Ultimate Team mode features you can watch the video below that highlights the players.

Players can use their Madden 15 Ultimate Team to take on the computer in special challenges, or to play online seasons against other players with similar skill levels. There is still a connected franchise, with big changes, but for users that enjoy the fun of Fantasy Football, Madden Ultimate Team offers a lot of appeal.

Madden 15 is available for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. There is no Wii U version this year. Gamers can play early with EA Access, up to five days ahead of the full Madden release and the progress will carry over to the full release. A Madden 15 demo is very likely, but there is no confirmation from EA Sports yet.

  • Better Defense – New zone and man coverage with smarter players.
  • Player Sense 2.0 – better contextual awareness, head tracking and reach tackles from smarter players.
  • War in the Trenches 2.0 – Use finesse or power to get past the defensive line and grab a sack.
  • Improved Tackling Mechanic – All new tackling to deliver a vastly superior defense.
  • Pass Inaccuracy – Quarterbacks come with a inaccuracy rating that comes into play when they are under pressure.
  • The Gauntlet – Test your skills with tough challenges based on millions of players.

The list above covers a look at the new Madden 15 features that should deliver a better gaming experience than Madden 25 did.



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