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Best New iPhone Apps & Games [February 2015]



If you’re looking to put something new on your iPhone, here are the best new iPhone apps and games.

New iPhone apps and games are constantly releasing, and that can make it a bit difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest offerings on iPhone. Heck, even keeping up with what’s popular on iPhone in general can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the time to see what’s out there.

You can easily view popular apps and games by checking out the Top Charts in the iTunes App Store, but that doesn’t really do a good job at telling you what new and exciting apps just came out.

However, here you’ll find a list of some of the best iPhone apps and games for this month that you should check out, that way you don’t miss the popularity train and look like an idiot when you mention the app a month after the hype died down (been there, done that!).

Some of these apps or games may have already been out on the market for a while, but received a big update enough to make it slightly new again, like a complete redesign or a whole new feature set.

In any case, here are the best new iPhone apps and games for February 2015.


We don’t need yet another calendar app on iPhone, but Shifts does it differently. While most calendar apps are targeted toward users with traditional 9-to-5 jobs, Shifts is a calendar for users that have different schedules that work in shifts, like factory workers, nurses, servers, etc.


Essentially, the app allows workers to easily track and schedule their own shifts and schedule other tasks and events around their shifts. You can even share your schedule with friends and family (whether they use the app or not).

Perhaps the best part about Shifts is that it has a great-looking user interface that’s easy to navigate around, and it was created by the same developers who made the Checkmark reminders app.


We’re not talking about Dish’s Hopper television service, but rather an iPhone app that lets you get the best deals on airfare. The app has been around for a while, but received a big update that essentially turns it into a brand-new app.


The app can find the best deal for you buy predicting prices and tracking price drops. From there, you can make decisions based on the information that Hopper provides. Of course, the app notifies you if there is a price drop, that way you can take advantage of it as soon as possible before the prices go back up.

Perhaps what’s really cool about Hopper is that it has a nifty color-coded calendar layout so that you can quickly view which dates are more ideal to travel on in order to get the best deal.

Alfred Remote

Alfred is one of the best Mac apps around, and it gets even better with the introduction of Alfred Remote for iPhone.


Alfred provides a pop-up search bar that appears on your screen when you enter in a custom key combination (I have mine set up to Cmd+Space). It’s similar to Spotlight Search in OS X Yosemite, but on steroids, and it essentially a powerful launcher tool that allows you to search Google, quickly open a Mac app, calculate numbers, and even create text-based shortcuts that open specific websites.

Alfred Remote allows you to set up shortcuts that you can execute on your Mac, and your iPhone simply acts as a remote for these shortcuts, almost like a second-screen device. You can do things like launch applications, open up certain files and folders, launch specific websites, and even lock, restart, shut down, log out or sleep your Mac.

Clash of Clans

iPhone games constantly come and go, but one game that has stuck around for little awhile and is still growing in popularity is Clash of Clans.


If you don’t know what Clash of Clans is, think Age of Empires, but newer and in a different setting. You essentially build up your village to fend off enemies who try to attack, and you can play against the other millions of players online for free.

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Throughout the game, you can train your army and grow it to make it more powerful, and you can even join other players’ clans in order to make even larger clans to fight off other clans.

Clash of Clans is a completely free game to play on iPhone, and it’s currently one of the most popular iOS games to play.

Trivia Crack

Not to be outdone by Clash of Clans, Trivia Crack is the newest quiz game around the block, overtaking the older QuizUp, which has now died down.


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Trivia Crack lets you go up against your friends to see who knows more trivia than the other. There are six categories to choose from: Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, and History, which isn’t quite up to snuff with QuizUp’s unlimited fan-made categories, but it’s at least the necessary basics. The developer says that Trivia Crack does have over 100,000 questions, and constant updates add more to that long list.

Funny Or Die Weather

Funny Or Die is one of the internet’s most popular humor websites, and now it has an iPhone app that gives you the weather, but puts a fun spin on it.


The Funny Or Die Weather app “blows the doors off your stupid, boring, old weather app” and it includes simple, but detailed info about the weather and displays it in a nicely-designed layout.

There’s also what’s called the Weather Fact of the Day, and it provides a humorous “fact” about weather that really isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but more about giving you a good laugh as you find out how unbearably cold it is outside in February.

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