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Best Nexus 9 Keyboard Cases



Google’s new Nexus 9 tablet has been available for a little over a month and as each week passes more and more cases, keyboards, and accessories are being released for the new flagship Android tablet. Google released their own on the Play Store a few weeks back, and many third party manufacturers have excellent alternatives without breaking the bank. Here we rundown a few of the best Nexus 9 keyboards available today.

The tablet was announced back in October and released on November 3rd as the first device running the all new Android 5.0 Lollipop software update. It’s an impressive tablet wrapped with an aluminum frame, and like most smartphones and tablets, many buyers are looking for cases or different accessories.

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Those looking to get official accessories for the Nexus 9 won’t find many, as Google and HTC have only released a magic case and a rather nice keyboard folio case, and that’s all. That’s the best Nexus 9 keyboard available but it comes at a price. Below we’ll round up a few decent alternatives.


Not everyone wants a case on their smartphone or tablet, but with the Nexus 9 having a large 8.9-inch quad-hd display and excellent front facing speakers, owners are likely using it a lot. It’s great for playing games or viewing Netflix, so getting a case that doubles as a keyboard for productivity and a stand for viewing movies is the best of both worlds.

As we said above, the options are rather limited since the tablet is so new, but as the release continues we can expect some of the top names in accessories to offer their own options.

When it comes to choosing a case that also has a keyboard built-in, you don’t want something too bulky or cheaply made. You’ll want it to protect your tablet while also offering some functionality, so we have a few worth checking out below. There are also a handful of “universal” one size fits all Bluetooth keyboard options to consider as well, but read on to see what’s available now.

Google Nexus 9 Folio Keyboard Case

Google Nexus 9 Folio Keyboard Case

 The best choice when it comes to getting a keyboard case for the Nexus 9 is probably Google and HTC's official accessory sold on the Google Play Store. However, it's the most expensive by far, coming in at a ridiculously high price of $129.

That said, it's extremely thin, durable, and protects the tablet quite well. It also is a durable and quality mechanical keyboard, while still being thin, so it will likely offer the best typing experience. Google also promises roughly 5 months of battery life with 2-3 hours of usage per day. Impressive right?

Buy now for $129 on Google Play

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