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15 Best OnePlus 6T Cases (2020)



KuGi Soft Anti-Slip TPU Case ($10)

KuGi Soft Anti-Slip TPU Case ($10)

The new KuGi Soft TPU Textured Anti-Slip case is just what you need. For those unaware, the glass back of the OnePlus 6T is incredibly slippery. You'll want a case that makes it easier to hold.

KuGi uses a soft, flexible, yet durable TPU material for the entire case, then uses reinforced corners and trim around the camera, raised bezels for the screen, and indented yet tactile and easy to press button cutouts. The slit-design and textured edges make it even easier to hold, which is great. Try one today in one of three colors. 

$10 at Amazon

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