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Best Retina-Ready iPad (3rd Gen) Apps



Now that the new iPad is finally in the hands of the millions of customers who pre-ordered or stood in line for it Friday people are starting to notice the difference between apps made for the Retina Display and those that haven’t yet updated. It’s not apparent in every app, but when it is it’s very apparent.

Devin over at TechCrunch warns developers that they’d better hurry up and upgrade or risk losing users. He has a point. When comparing the reading experience in the Nook app, which isn’t yet retina-ready, and the Kindle app, which is, the different in text clarity is huge. I prefer the Nook ecosystem, but I won’t be reading any books in that app until Barnes & Noble releases a new version.

Right now there are 40+ apps (aside from Apple’s) optimized for the iPad 3rd gen with more on the way. If you’re being conservative about what you’ll download to save space, stick to the best ones. Here are our top picks.

ABC Player - Free

ABC Player - Free
Watch episodes of ABC's sitcoms, dramas, and news shows without the need for cable or fiddling with antennas. The app will sync your watching list across iOS devices and offers closed captioning on episodes where it's available. All for free. Though the network isn't yet streaming full HD video, all of the app's other elements got the retina refresh.
Download ABC Player in the App Store

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