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7 Best Surface Pens & Surface Pen Alternatives for Surface Pro



Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4

Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4
$89.99 from eBay

If you can find one, definitely buy the Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4. They’re often cheaper than the newer model and work just as well for note-taking.

This Surface Pen lacks the tilt detection and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity of the newer model. But, if you aren’t drawing, its 1,024 levels of pressure detection are just fine. It has the same eraser cap as the newer models and clips to the side of your device using built-in magnets. Its pocket clip allows you to attach it to your cover or shirt for safe keeping. You get a pack of interchangeable tips with this stylus.

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Microsoft has stopped making this Surface Pen. However, resellers still offer them on eBay and Amazon. Usually, they cost $89.99 or less.
  • 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Eraser & shortcut button
  • Pocket clip

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