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Best Underrated iOS Apps of 2013



Apple recently revealed its list of the best apps and games for 2013, showing off such selections as Duolingo, Ridiculous Fishing, VSCO Cam, DEVICE 6, Endless Alphabet and Plants vs. Zombies 2. However, those aren’t the only great apps that we saw this year.

We saw a lot of new apps pop up in 2013, and the redesign of iOS 7 allowed for a whole new crop of apps and games to launch, but Apple really only touched the tip of the iceberg with its Best Of list, so we decided to gather up just a few of the new iOS apps that we saw this year that certainly got attention, but not as much as they deserve.

Tweetbot 3


Tweetbot is one of the most popular Twitter clients for iOS, and when iOS 7 was released, the developers behind the app decided to completely redesign Tweetbot and start from the ground up, introducing a new look and more features, including a night theme and quicker account switching.

Of course, many users weren’t happy that the developers charged for an update to an app, but it’s certainly justified by the added functionality and new look.

iPhone only – $4.99

Fantastical 2


Fantastical 2 is another app that charged for an update, but like Tweetbot, Fantastical 2 was a complete re-working of the app in order to make it work seamlessly with iOS 7. The newer version takes what made Fantastical so awesome, like the unique swipe gestures, and put a fresh new look over it that gives Fantastical 2 a simpler look that goes along great with iOS 7.

iPhone only – $3.99



Google never had its Google Talk chat app on iOS until this year, with a rebranding and a new name. Google Hangouts takes all of the company’s various chat services, including Google Talk and its Hangouts video chat service and put them into one service and app. That app is now available on iOS, and closes the gap even further between Android and iOS, making it easier for users to communicate with each other.

iPhone only – Free

Yahoo Weather


We never knew a weather app could look so good until Yahoo released its weather app on iOS and freed us from the junk that was the Weather Channel’s own weather app.

Yahoo Weather is a simple, minimalistic and beautiful weather app that still somehow provides all of the weather information you would need, including the current temperature, hourly forecast, daily forecast, precipitation levels, radar maps and even when the sun rises and sets.

iPhone and iPad – Free



We talked about TruSloMo back in November and it’s an app that really hasn’t gained much ground at all, but it fixes a vital problem with slo-mo videos on the iPhone 5s. You can’t share slo-mo videos on various social networks without it stripping the slow motion out of the video. However, TruSloMo fixes this problem by saving the slo-mo capabilities right into the video, so they’re hardwired in.

iPhone only – Free ($1.99 for Pro)



We figured that we should put a game in this list, and one game that’s completely underrated is QuizUp. It’s your typical trivia/knowledge game, but it’s made for the 21st century. QuizUp lets you choose from hundreds of categories and you can play against random folks or challenge one of your friends.

QuizUp is completely free too, with no ads and no in-app purchases to bother with, making it a game that’s rather unique in a market where free games are plastered with ads and/or in-app purchases that bug you constantly.

iPhone only – Free



  1. Installous Alternatives

    12/24/2013 at 11:07 am

    It is great list and almost all of these apps are underrated but I don’t think tweatbot is underrated. It is used by thousands of thousands of iOS devices owners. The best way is to try any app before buying using installous. (I mean trying not piracy)

  2. Deepak

    12/26/2013 at 3:39 am

    Love them all. Thanks for Sharing.

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