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Betsy Weber and Craig Pringle talk UMPCs / Origami



TechSmith’s Betsy Weber and Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle had a chance to get together at TechEd and talk about the LS800 and UMPCs / Origami. They captured their conversation in this screencast. Check it out!

In addition, Craig Pringle has just posted in his latest blog an article about how the UMPC term is totally messed up and confusing – I totally agree. Although a lot of factors probably played into the UMPC naming decision, Microsoft should have used Origami from the beginning. To help his readers, Craig has decided that he’s going to stop referring to devices that run the Touch Pack software as UMPCs and will call them Origami’s instead. Smart move.

To me, the Sony UX150 is an ultra mobile pc. It is : ultra mobile and a PC. However, it is not an Origami device because it doesn’t run the Microsoft’s Touch Pack software nor the Tablet PC OS – Sony’s choice. Same thing for the LS800 – it is an ultra mobile pc, but it is not an Origami device. It is not touch enabled and doesn’t meet the Origami size specs. However, would you agree that it is ultra mobile and a pc? I would.

Hmm…that sounds like a good idea, Craig. Anyone else want to join with Craig on his decision?

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