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Better Touch for the iPhone



One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone and iPod Touch are difficulties mastering the touch interface.  Although the touch interface is very easy to operate with your finger, Apple could do more to improve its functionality.  AppleInsider has learned of new patents that suggest Apple might implement fingernail recognition into their future touch interfaces.  The ability to recognize fingernail contact could provide better interaction and possible use of a stylus.

Your friends at Ten One Designs feel the same way, and they’ve come up with a solution to this problem.  They have developed the Pogo Stylus, a stylus crafted specifically for the iPhone’s touch interface.  The Pogo Stylus sells for $24.00 USD and is fully compatible with the new iPhone 3G.  Ten One Designs also offers a service called PogoNotes, a free webapp note taking service.  Although the Pogo Stylus might have potential, it doesn’t take full advantage of inking capabilities without software like Sketches.

Click here to check out Rob’s early impressions with Sketches on the iPhone.

Would you use a stylus with the iPhone or iTouch?

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