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Bezel Comparison Between the Lenovo X61 and X200 Tablet PCs



One of the questions I’m getting asked quite a bit is the difference between the bezel on the X200 and compared to the X61 Tablet PC. They are quite distinct. I’m working on getting better photography here, but for the moment here’s what I’ve got. Note that on the X200 there is a black border around the screen before you get to the bezel edge where the case meets the screen. Remember I’m looking at a pre-shipping evaluation unit here. That said as I face the screen with it open in laptop mode that black border is not a consistent width around the screen.


On the right side of the screen the border width is 10/16ths of an inch. On the left side it is 5/16ths. The top and bottom are both 5/16ths as well. This border keeps the much thinner bezel away from the area you would use with a pen. Yes, the bezel is much more flush than it was with the X61 in fact it is almost flush. There is ever so slight a difference between the case and the screen. If you drag your stylus over it you will feel the slight difference, but with the border there is no need to do so. As for resting your hand on the screen, my hand hasn’t noticed a difference between the two surfaces. For those that the raised bezel created a problem for on the X61, I think you will be pleased with the difference.

Again, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but hopefully they will demonstrate what I’m talking about. All pictures can be seen in a larger view by clicking on them. X61 pics are on the left, X200 on the right.

064 061
030 046
















In the picture on the lower right it looks like there is a lip between the black border and the display. That is not the case (pun?) The screen is smooth all the way to the division between the bezel and the screen.

Hope this helps.

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