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Big ‘Buzz” news!



Tablet PC Buzz had an issue the other day.  The good news is that a quick restore got the site back up again (thankfully only a short period of posts were lost!)!  The even better news is that Spencer is working on a major site upgrade!  Here is what Spencer had to say on this post:

“On a much higher note… I’ve got a very early preview of something to show you all. This site has been sitting on the same code base and design since I launched it in 2002, and so it is long overdue for an update. I’m pleased to say that update is well in the works now, and I think you will like the looks of it. Below is a quick squashed screen shot of what the TabletPCBuzz 2.0 home page basically looks like. I should say, things in this shot are subject to change as I’ve still got things to get worked out (including the migration of this forum data to the new system). Progress with this is moving forward!”

Here is your sneak-peek:





Looks grrrrrrreat Spencer!!!  And this will be up when????  :-)

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