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Big Cyber Monday Deal Has Xbox One & More for Less



A reseller on auction and clearance site eBay has an Xbox One Cyber Monday deal that’s definitely going to be too crazy to pass up for some. Included is an Xbox One bundle and two key free extras that make this the best Xbox One deal ever.

Reseller NewEgg is using eBay for the best Xbox One deal available. Today Cyber Monday shoppers can pick up the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle for $379. As the same Xbox One bundle is $329 else where it’s easy to assume that buyers aren’t getting a deal here but you’d be wrong.

ebay cyber monday deal

NewEgg’s Xbox One Cyber Monday deal also includes two key extras. First, there’s a physical copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, at no extra charge. Normally, it costs $60 new. Second, this Xbox One Cyber Monday deal also includes a twelve month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. An Xbox Live Gold subscription for 12 months normally costs $60 too. That’s $120 in extra value for Xbox One buyers, and that actually excludes the two digital games that users get with this bundle already.

Advanced Warfare arrived on store shelves this past November; it’s the latest in the long running first-person shooter franchise and includes tons of new exoskeletons and futuristic weaponry. Xbox Live is the subscription service that lets Xbox One owners play games online. It also includes deep weekly discounts on games and two free games a month that are chosen by Microsoft. The Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundle includes two free digital games already. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is last year’s entry in the franchise for Xbox One. Microsoft’s Xbox Store shows that game at a price of $49.99. Assassin’s Creed Unity just went on sale this past November. Purchased separately it costs $60.

In games and services alone, buyers of this Cyber Modal deal are getting $229 in savings. Certainly, Cyber Monday shoppers who like to play games online would have needed to pick up a subscription to Xbox Live at some point at $60, at least. It’s $120 for users who choose to pay for it just a month at a time.

Earlier this year Microsoft revealed the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundle. Unlike the $499 Xbox One that it debuted last year, there’s no Kinect 2 sensor included here. Users who want to watch live television through the Xbox One interface or use voice commands to record game clips will need to purchase the Kinect 2 sensor separately. The Kinect 2 sensor costs $150 on its own and includes Dance Central Spotlight. The Kinect 2 isn’t essential to the Xbox One gaming experience, but does lend the console cool capabilities for a more complete experience.

This Xbox One does include all the essentials to get gaming. Inside the bundle is a single wireless controller, a set of batteries for that controller, an HDMI cable, power cable and chat headset. Microsoft originally priced this version of the Xbox One at $399, but a temporary price has forced the console to just $349 at most retailers and $329 for Cyber Monday.

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$379.99 is still a lot of money. For those who weren’t counting on purchasing an Xbox One this holiday season eBay and NewEgg are offering a finance option that lets buyers pay $64 for 6 months for this Xbox One Cyber Monday deal. Shipping is free, though buyers should expect to wait for their console for roughly five days. Naturally, users who want the console even faster than that can pay extra for expedited shipping.

NewEgg is limiting this Cyber Monday deal to just three per customer and warning users that anything beyond that will result in an automatic cancellation of their order.

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