Big Price Cuts Arrive for Two Xbox One Games
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Big Price Cuts Arrive for Two Xbox One Games



Microsoft has another big deal on Xbox One games for those who already have one of its Xbox One consoles or plan to purchase one in the future. It’ll sell Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for just $29.99. Xbox 360 users are included in the deal too.

Microsoft revealed the deal this morning even though it’s not scheduled to start until 8 AM tomorrow, December 14th. Both are physical games, meaning that can’t be shared over Xbox Live digitally, however that does mean that once users are done with them they can trade them in at retailers like GameStop towards other hardware and accessories.

The cheap Xbox One games will mark day six of Microsoft’s 12 Deals of Deal promotion. That’s the same sale that let Xbox One buyers choose amongst 12 or so games to include with their console at no additional charge. As they’re digital games, users will have to wait for the games to arrive at their doorstep. Luckily, Microsoft is offering free standard shipping through the holidays. Those who order any item before December 21st should get their order by Christmas.

12 Days of Deals

$29.99 for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a very, very good deal. Advanced Warfare arrived on store shelves just this past November. Like previous games in the series, the game is still heavily focused on first-person multiplayer shooting mechanics. Players are still soldiers participating in world-wide conflicts, but it’s much more nuanced than that. Developer Sledgehammer focused on producing a futuristic war simulation. There are robotic shields that travel with players and laser weapons to wreak destruction anywhere and everywhere. Exoskeletons allow for more character customization. Wall running and super strength are available. The game’s campaign features House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey.

Destiny is the massive online role-playing game that debuted back in September. It was made by the same team who developed the first four Halo games for Microsoft. Like all other role-playing games, customizing and building a character is key. Players take on the role as a Guardians roaming the inner Solar System and hunting down evil where ever it may lay. There are story missions, but the game features Raid events that players must team up for before they can earn the best gear for their characters. Destiny is first and foremost a first-person shooter.

Destiny received a new Expansion Pack update this past week called The Dark Below that potential buyers will probably want to pick up after receiving the game. In that expansion users are tasked with taking on an ancient evil in a pit that threatens humanity’s survival. A new raid is included for teams, a new character arrives to assign never-before-seen missions. Tons of new weapons, armor pieces and more are included so users can customize their guardian a bit more. Online multiplayer games like Destiny use a level system to mark progression. The Dark Below Expansion Pack boosts the level Destiny players can rise to 32. Besides the new raid, there is a new co-operative mission and three new maps to compete in multiplayer in. To be clear, the Microsoft Store doesn’t allow users to purchase downloadable content for games. As such, you’ll need to purchase a prepaid card for a local games store or Amazon to pay for The Dark Below. The Dark Below also on sale directly from the Xbox Store. In both cases the expansion costs $19.99. Users can purchase a Destiny Expansion Pass that includes The Dark Below and another expansion coming sometime next year. That costs $34.99.

A season pass for new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare content is also available for $49.99. Sledgehammer hasn’t detailed what beyond new maps users who purchase that season pass get. Anyone who purchases an Xbox 360 copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare can upgrade to the Xbox One version free of charge during the holiday season.

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